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12 responses to “Website

  1. Hi all,

    I am flying to London to purchase a Chanel bag (2.55 jumbo in black:)) and I just wanted you to ask from you lot, whether you think I will be able to get it there or not? I know there are 5 stores in London, of which Selfridges and Harrods are not currently stocking this bag. Hmpf. Should I fly to Paris instead? There are no e-mail addresses to Chanel storres directly, so I cannot ask them whether they have it or not! Help? 🙂

  2. Carl

    Hi Niina

    Thanks for your very specific question, I am not sure how to answer but of course you should not go to Paris instead! 😉 London has several large department stores and if Selfridges and Harrods don’t stock it, maybe the three other stores? Since the pound is very low against the euro right now, you might even save quite a bit of money by going to London instead!

    The original Chanel stores I have found in London are:
    26 Old Bond Street, London – +44 20 7493 5040
    167-170 Sloane Street, London – +44 20 7235 6631
    278-280 Brompton Rd, London, SW3 2AB, United Kingdom‎ – 020 7581 8620‎

    Call them before your flight and hope they have it. Good luck!

  3. Hi all,
    I am going to Cornwall and would like to buy tickets for the train. But your webshop isn’t working. Do you know that?
    Merete, Denmark

  4. Cathrine

    Hi Merete,

    Nice to hear that you are going to visit beautiful Cornwall. Our shop is up and running so you can order our products now on
    The cheapest option is to buy a trainpass. Our England Flexi Pass can give you 2 days travel within a month and can be used on all trains in England, including airport express trains in London. This will be a lot cheaper than buying a regular return ticket from London to Cornwall and if you’re not staying overnight in London you can include your transport from the airport to central London. These passes can not be bought in London. Trains to Cornwall leaves from Paddington station and you’ll find timetables at

    Have fun!!

  5. can i please use your picture for mi gsce work. if u don’t rely in 2 day i will use it

  6. Cathrine

    Hi, sorry for such a late reply! All pictures used on our blog has a copyright and you can not copy the picture for any other use without a permission. Some of the pictures used on our blog is private photographs and in some cases we can give permissions to use those. But you should always contact us before using a picture found in our blog and of course we should always give you a quick answer 🙂

  7. I thought that was a great article. I think I’ll create a blog post and link to it.

  8. You know what.. all I am going to say is… yes.. yes.. you are right.

  9. Towe

    Hi Milly,

    Thank you for the nice words about our blog.

    Which article was it that you liked? Also, if you want, please feel free to send us the link on your blog post, would be great to see what you wrote.


  10. Inga Bud

    I suggest the new blog name is : Union Jack ´s blog

  11. Hi,

    I’m from the UK and have found your site informative, I especially like your quirky event of the week, being a runner I was especially interested in Race the Train! I work on a blog that specialises in quirky events in the UK and was wondering if you could link through to us in one of your quirky event of the week posts?

    I would have contacted you via e-mail but I can’t find any e-mail contact on your site.


  12. Towe

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the kind words about the blog. Concerning the questions you had, you’ve got mail. 🙂


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