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Recapture the spectacle of York’s medieval past

If you’re interested in history and arts and you happen to be in or near the town of York in the middle of July, take the time to see the York Mystery Plays. On two Sundays, the 11th and 18th of July 2010, twelve plays accompanied by music, will be performed on wagons at various locations in York.

These tales of sacred history was traditionally played in York on the feast day of Corpus Christi from the middle of the 14th century. In spite of the ban the plays continued a while after the English reformation, but where finally stopped in 1569. In 1951 the plays had a successful revival and became a reoccurring event.

Until September 8th you have the opportunity to see the exhibition about the history behind the plays at York Art Gallery. The exhibition also displays the last surviving original manuscript of the plays, dating from between 1463 and 1477. See more information about the exhibition on www.yorkartgallery.co.uk or find the gallery on our Britain map.

Other related events take place in York during this period. For further information, please visit www.yorkmysteryplays.co.uk

– Towe

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Best Streets Awards

The Shambles, York

The Results are in! To celebrate Google’s Street View, they have found and awarded the best streets in Britain. The awards were divided into three categories; Best Foodie Street, Best Fashion Street and Most Picturesque Street. The jury was compiled of journalists, designers, authors, chefs, celebrities and other prominent people – and VisitBritain was part of the panel as well. The verdict of the jury:

Best Foodie Street
“The winning street should offer a unique mix of mouth-watering options which could include fine dining, cafés, market stalls and delicatessens, all covering a diverse mix of food types and price points.”
Winner: Stockbridge High Street, Hampshire

See the street in our Britain Map

Best Fashion Street
“The winning street should offer an eclectic mix of boutique and high street, designer and high street for all clothing tastes and ages. The winning street should satisfy both bargain-hunters and label-lovers.”
Winner: Milsom Street, Bath

See the street in our Britain Map

Most Picturesque Street

The Shambles, York

Britain's most picturesque street

“The winning street should be uniquely British and visually charming. It could be vibrant, full of character, diverse, walker-friendly or architecturally interesting.”
Winner: The Shambles, York

See the street in our Britain Map

The choices of the jury surprised me I must say. London with all its gourmet restaurants and exotic blends is beaten by Hampshire, Bath beats Manchester at shopping..? I suppose this is evidence that there is more to see than the “usual” famous attractions and destinations. All the more reason to explore Britain this Summer with a couple of stops in Bath and Hampshire then. Congratulations to the winners, good job!!

Read more about the awards here
See The Guardian’s pictures from the streets here


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