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Quirky Event of the Week – Race the Train

Think you run fast? How about racing a train? On 21st of August, runners gather in the town of Tywyn on the west coast of Wales to try to beat the train to the finish line.

The race is 23 kilometers long and starts at Tywyn Railway Station. Both the train and the runners are started by the train whistle at 2pm. The course follows the old Talyllyn Railway and can be quite tricky as it passes through wide fields, streams, slippery slopes, rocks and steep hills. Good runners can beat the train in about 1 hour and 47 minutes, but many find it difficult.

If you feel you’re not up for the whole length of the race, but want to try beating the train anyway, there are shorter races starting earlier the same day. For the youngest runners there is also a Toddlers Trot starting at 1pm. Entry for all runners (except the Toddlers trot) is on 5th of August.

For timetables, how to get there, further information about the different races and how to enter, visit http://www.racethetrain.com

For tourist information about Wales, please visit our website.

Find Tywyn Railway station on our map.

Have a great run!

– Towe

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Travel Guide for Families – Wales

Wales is the land of castles and has everything from energetic cities to breath-taking scenery’s. This country has a lot to offer that will make your visit a memorable family experience. Here are a couple of our recommendations for families travelling to Wales.

Cardiff Castle
Explore Cardiff Castle’s 2,000 years of history, learn about the knights and nobles, look at the marvellous interior and watch a medieval performance. The Cardiff Castle offers various events throughout the year, making sure that you and your family get the ultimate medieval experience.

Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire
Do you remember the French invasion scene in Robin Hood? Well, this is the set Ridley Scott used in the movie. This is also the place where they built the shell cottage in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. If your children are a Robin Hood or Harry Potter fan, or maybe both – visit Freshwater West for a fun filled day out.
Find more Harry Potter film locations here
Find more Robin Hood film locations here

Rhyl Miniature Railway
Bring your children to Britain’s oldest miniature railway in Rhyl & Prestatyn and take a ride around Marine Lake. Also, make sure to visit the new Central Station building and get to know the railway’s history.

GreenWood Forest Park
Even though you’re on holiday, think about your carbon footprint. Why not enjoy a family day out with a green conscious at the GreenWood Forest Park in Snowdonia? Here you can try the world’s first environmentally-friendly rollercoaster, go on the jungle boat adventure, or learn how to build a shelter. The park has plenty of different activities and rides that will put a smile on yours and the children’s face.

Big Pit: National Coal Museum
Put on a hard hat, turn on the head lamp and be ready to go down 90 metres in a real mineshaft. The underground tour gives you an insight about the coal industry in Wales while it’s amusing and educational for everyone.

Food for the whole family
At Wacky Warehouse you’ll find a healthy kids menu and there are lots of activities that will keep your children entertained whilst you enjoy your meal. Please click here to find a Wacky Warehouse in Wales

Looking for a place where you get served quickly? Try Wagamama, a family friendly Japanese noodle restaurant. Here children can enjoy stir-fired rice or noodles with a glass of fresh squeezed juice. Please click here to a Wagamama in Wales

Have a nice family vacation in Wales!


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South Wales – a hidden treasure

The Dylan Thomas Statue

Since I have lived in Swansea for almost a year as an exchange student I would like to strike a blow for this coastal city and its surroundings on the beautiful South West Wales coast.

Swansea is the hometown of late poet and writer Dylan Thomas. So for all literature lovers there is The Dylan Thomas Centre to visit. The Centre also have an annual Dylan Thomas Festival during October and November.

My favorite place though is the Mumbles, a seaside resort village on Swansea Bay. The name reportedly means “breasts,” which is suitable considering the two islets peaking out of the water. This little village has numerous pubs and is famous for the Mumbles Mile. The Mumbles Mile is a stretch of pubs and clubs along the coast, nowadays ten, meaning one pint per stop.

Three Cliffs Bay

From Mumbles onwards you can walk along the coast of Gower, visiting around 50 unspoilt beaches, coves and bays. Rhossili beach is my favourite. The beaches also have warmer water than in other parts of the UK which is nice (due to the effect of the Gulf Stream). Some of the beaches are also very popular for surfers.

Along the coast there is high and low tide which is extremely powerful to watch. I highly recommend you go to the beach when the tide is coming in. Have a look at the tide table before you go.

Another thing I enjoyed and had far to many of was the wonderful fudge candy. Nowhere else I have had so creamy, delicious fudge. So stay tuned for fudge stores!

/Camilla, trainee Stockholm office

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King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Mid Wales

Almost every part of Great Britain will claim the right to the famous King Arthur and his knights. And no wonder, it is a fantastic story and a great piece of British history.

In Corris near Machynlleth and Dolgellav in Mid Wales, you will find King Arthur’s Labyrinth. I must admit that I do not really believe the King himself entered these dark caves, they’re a vast quarry, but it’s rather spectacular! The underground labyrinth is  reached from Corris Craft Centre in Corris. You can go by train to Machynlleth and then by local bus to Corris.

You enter the caves  by boat through a great waterfall. Well inside the caverns of the labyrinth you will hear stories about King Arthur and his men and other ancient Welsh legends. There are dragons and giants, battles and adventures. The hooded guide will lead you through the labyrinth and – hopefully – back out to daylight!

A great day out for the whole family that I highly recommend!


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Thomas Hindersson goes to Wales, part IV

Swedish radio host Thomas Hindersson continues his journey through Wales. During his last day he travels by train on the Rheilffordd Talyllyn Railway and manages to find a local girl to pronounce one of the longest signpost names in the world. (Part I, II and III).

Johannes Karlsson och Thomas Hindersson

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Thomas Hindersson goes to Wales, part III

Our untrained traveler and radio host Thomas Hindersson continues his journey through Wales. He has now come all the way to Snowdonia and to the village Portmeirion on the west coast. Here is yet another travel report out of the ordinary, part III (Links to Part I and Part II).

Johannes Karlsson & Thomas Hindersson

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Thomas Hindersson goes to Wales, part II

Finally Thomas has arrived to what he calls “the mysterious Wales”. Follow him on his journey through green hills, wooden valleys and a people rich of history. Part II (Link to Part 1 and Part III)

Johannes Karlsson & Thomas Hindersson

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