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GO GREEN – take a walk!

Sustainable tourism is the thing! You can ease your conscience after flying by walking through Britain’s beautiful cities.

Did you know that it takes 16 minutes at medium pace walking from Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park Corner and you burn approximately 70 calories?

From Piccadilly Station in  Manchester to the shopping and restaurant-area Exchange Square it takes you 15 minutes to walk. If you’re heading to Old Trafford football stadium it takes an hour but you’ll save enough calories (267) to enjoy a pint after the game.

WalkIt is a website that shows how long time it takes you to walk between different addresses in major cities in the UK. You will find out how many calories you burn and how much CO2 you save compared to taking the underground or bus! You can also choose between direct routes, less crowded routes and routes with low pollution.

 Check out WalkIt here!

Go green – go walking!



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