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The Open Championship returns to “The Home of Golf”

Whether you’re a golf lover or not, The Open Championship is something you don’t want to miss if you happen to be nearby St Andrews during the 12th to 18th of July.

It’s been five years since the championship was held in St Andrews and there’s no better way to mark the return of The Open than celebrating the 150th anniversary in “The Home of Golf” at the Old Course in St Andrews.

The Open Championship officially starts Thursday 15th of July. However, you can watch the players practice during the 12th –14th of July. Here you’ll find information about ticket prices and how to travel to the course. You can also find the Old Course on our Britain map.

If you’re planning to visit The Open, remember that the weather is unpredictable and be prepared for both rain and sun. So dress smart and bring your sunscreen, raincoat, good shoes, a hat, lots of water and binoculars so you can keep track on how your favourite player is doing. Moreover, come to the venue early if you want a good view and just in case you get the opportunity to ask some of the players for autographs – have a marker ready in hand! For more spectator information, please click here.

Want to know what a fellow Scandinavian thinks about St Andrews? Watch this video of Swedish singer, Måns Zelmerlöw, when he played golf at the Old Course or read about his experience here.

Join the celebration and see the greatest players tee off at what is undoubtedly the most famous and oldest golf course in the world!

Also, make sure to cheer for our Scandinavian golf players that have qualified for The Open. Good luck to:

– Thomas Bjørn (Denmark)           – Søren Kjeldsen (Denmark)
– Søren Hansen (Denmark)           – Anders Hansen (Denmark)
– Henrik Stenson (Sweden)           – Alexander Noren (Sweden)
– Richard S Johnson (Sweden)    – Robert Karlsson (Sweden)
– Peter Hanson (Sweden)               – Fredrik Andersson (Sweden)

View the full list over all the players here.

Click on the picture below to watch video highlights from the 2005 Open Championship in St Andrews. The 18th time major champion, Jack Nicklaus, said goodbye in style and Tiger Woods won The Claret Jug.



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A Golfers Paradise, part 3

Måns Zelmerlöw went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his third post from the trip. (part 1, part 2)

We wanted to play on the Old Course today but we lost the daily lottery so we headed for The New Course instead. It’s a beautiful links course in direct connection to it’s big brother. Third time in a row I missed stroked with the driver and decided to use the iron clubs in the future. The New Course became somewhat of a favourite, with no wind it’s a quite easy course and I managed to collect 37 points and lowered myself to 17,1. Nothing to brag about, but still…

We managed to stream the last soccer match of the World Cup Qualification between Sweden and Denmark on the hotel room. We had snacks and beer and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate the victory – however the result 0-1 put us down, at least for a while. Pretty soon we were on our way to Dundee to see what this town had to offer.

, Måns

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A Golfers Paradise, part 2

Måns Zelmerlöw, went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his second post from the trip. (Part 1)

Day two began with a great breakfast on the fourth floor. Here you can enjoy everything from black pudding to freshly baked cup cakes.

The sun is shining in St. Andrews

Tee-off at Kingsbarns was at lunch. I had heard great stuff about this course and my expectations were high. And they came through, this is a great course and it contains some of the most beautiful golf holes I’ve ever seen.  And it’s a long course. This particular day it was windy with occasional dizzles. Needless to say this had an effect on my game, but even so I must recommend the course. Completely torn by the wind and on shivering legs we returned to the hotel to what we expected to be a calm and cosy dinner together with Helen and Fiona from the hotel management. It got cosy, but far away from calm.

The dinner turned into a pub round in St. Andrews and we ended up at a student party, the only place that was open after midnight. The guards eventually let us in and we spent ten minutes inside before they closed the place down and we returned home to the hotel, tired and weary.


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A Golfers Paradise, part 1

In love with St. Andrews

We are delighted to present our latest special guest on the blog. Swedish Celebrity, Måns Zelmerlöw, went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Follow him the next days as we will publish five posts that covers his entire trip. Scotland welcomes you back Måns!

,Johannes Karlsson

I never thought that I would be so delighted. I was stunned by the nature, the people and the country and I’m now determined to return soon, very soon. Even though I only experienced a small peace of Scotland, I’m still overwhelmed. Six rounds of golf, a hotel and a small city centre by night made me feel so much love for this country.

St. Andrews is a picturesque town, it’s a nice mixture of older beautiful buildings, modern university architecture, genuine Scottish pubs, and quite a few golf shops. It’s obvious that golf has a great impact here. One of the oldest courses in the world, The Old Course lays just a stone’s throw away.

The Old Course Hotel is situated at the 17th hole and the view is spectacular. There’s really nothing to complain about here. The staff is always helpfull and in a good mood, the food is great and the Kohler Spa is a perfect place to relax after a round of golf.

The courses in and around St. Andrews has everything that you could wish for. You’ll find fairways as short cut as greens back home, the deepest bunkers I’ve ever seen and stunning views of the sea and the Scottish wide open landscape. The greens made me think of the E4 motorway in Sweden and there’s no stopping of the ball after a nice approach game, at least not for me.

I have to admit that it wasn’t a round of dram golf for me here. After six rounds I leveraged 23 points per round. If I only could blame it on the wind! During five days at St. Andrews the wind was only blowing one day and to me it seemed like a storm. The people of St. Andrews called it a “light breeze”.

The journey, Thursday
Me and my friend arrived to Edinburgh via Amsterdam. We picked up our rental car and headed for the Mecca of golf. The trip was going to take 40 minutes but we landed on the double, even though we had a map and a GPS. We missed tee-off at The Dukes but the hotel helped and arranged a new time. After a plate of bangers and mash at the hotel pub, The Jigger Inn, it was time to tee-off again. I had heard horror stories about other Swedish players that made trial swings at first tee just to get thrown of the course. Hence I avoided doing this and as a result I duffed the drive half way to the ladies tee. And all this in front of a increasingly sceptic Scottish starter.

The Dukes has quite a few really nice holes but the course didn’t entirely convince me about the greatness of the Scottish courses. It could easily be compared to a good Swedish course, with long, wide fairways and beautiful views. But I was missing that little extra.

The planned afternoon powernap turned into a 12 hour deep sleep and I missed out on both dinner and whisky tasting.

See you soon,
Måns Zelmerlöw

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Play St. Andrews Old Course 2010

St. Andrews foto Hans Fahlén

St. Andrews, foto Hans Fahlén

On the 2:nd of September 2009 at 10:00 AM (BTS) the reservation department at St. Andrews will start accepting applications from golfers wishing to play in 2010. Applications can be sent for tee times in 2010 for all courses at St. Andrews, including the famous Old Course. From past experience you should not wait too long, playing the Old Course is probably one of the most sought after by golfers all over the world. More info at St. Andrews trust webpage.


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Travelling through a dream

Fredrik Rosengren & Hans Fahlén at St Andrews

Fredrik Rosengren & Hans Fahlén at St Andrews

Swedish TV host and ski bum, Hans Fahlén, went to Scotland for a game of world class golf together with an old friend. This is his story, and his dream.

Since I first watched Dick Barrymore’s ski films as a young boy, I’ve been dreaming about going to the Rocky Mountains and skiing through powder snow. This is a dream journey that I have had for forty years, talk about building expectations. Perhaps it’s all for the best if this one remains a dream. It’s quite possible that reality don’t stand a chance against a forty year old poem.

It might be better to find yourself unknowingly doing a dream journey. I admit there were expectations. Hard wind, rain and a tasty pint, but trying to compete with reality would, to my great joy, prove to be hard.

During a dinner a couple of weeks earlier, yours truly and my good friend Fredrik Rosengren realized that we both wanted to go golfing in Scotland. Said and done, the next day we had booked the trip, St. Andrews – a weekend at the Old Course Hotel. I didn’t realize it then, but it all started there. The flight, the Dukes and the Kingsbarns…everything just fell into places.

Hence, I was awaken from one dream into another dream. It was six o’clock in the morning, twenty minutes before we were suppose to tee off at The Old Course. We had won our starting time through the daily lottery twelve hours earlier. And we had agreed over a drink, that no storm nor hail could put us off…this was The Old Course.

Storm and hail? Not at all – this morning gave us a clear blue sky with no wind. Quite the opposite from what a local comedian had told us at the bar the night before.

– It only rains here three times each summer, June, July and August.

The advantage of teeing off this early on a weekend morning is that there isn’t any audience when the starter announces that it’s your turn. An easy and wise decision this morning was also to hire a caddy, something that the experience really benefited from. A caddy on The Old Course is much more than just a caddy.

Playing the Old Course

Playing the Old Course

Five hours later I was standing on the balcony overlooking that 17th hole, The Road Hole. I was sipping a single malt while smiling to myself. I applauded an elderly gentleman after hitting a long drive over the hotel which positioned him to reach at two. He waved polite back at me, and maybe he was walking in the middle of his dream that he had for forty years. And maybe he just realized that reality can beat a poem, even after forty years.

//Hans Fahlén

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