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New poll of the month – Shopping


Now that most people have either seen, or chosen not to see, the new Sherlock Holmes movie, we decided it’s time for a new question. This time we thought, spring is almost here, and in some parts of the Nordics, you can actually see the ground. Maybe some of you have even seen flowers or other signs of Spring?

Well, anyway. I don’t know what you guys do, when Spring is nigh, but I do some serious closet inventory – i.e. I go shopping!  That why I decided that there’s no better Spring question to ask our dear readers, than “What do you primarily buy when shopping in Britain?”

To vote, click on your preferred choice in the right-hand menu and then press [vote].

And as usual, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Maybe you have seen some nice Spring signs you would like to share, or maybe you think Spring is really far away. You can also debate the poll questions. What did you vote for and why? Was it the right options or did you miss something?

– Towe –


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Spring has arrived in southern Wales!

springtime in Cardiff

I just heard from my nephew who studies in Wales, 30 km outside Cardiff, that spring has arrived! + 12 lovely degrees, daffodils  and crocus’ are popping up, birds are singing in the trees and squirrels (!) are roaming around! It’s sure time to plan your visit and get away from the frosty Nordic countries!



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