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Aberdeen – friendly and tasty

Remember the competition we had together with VisitScotland last year for our Norwegian bloggers? The two lucky winners Asbjørn Wille and Liv Brekkenes won a 3 day trip to Aberdeen City and Shire. A couple of weeks ago, we posted Asbjørns trip to Aberdeen and now it’s Livs turn. She brought her friend Mona Myhran along and here’s their story.

“Aberdeen is mainly known for its agriculture and oil industry, and not exactly for being a typical tourist destination. It was therefore quite a surprise to discover that this city has a lot to offer. You just have to give it a chance.

What impressed us most were the friendly and welcoming people we met everywhere, and the beautiful and stunning architecture. The churches and cathedrals were magnificent, and the small brick houses with the pipes on the outside walls and the chimneys on the roofs are really something else from our houses in Norway.

We had a great Indian meal in Cinnamon restaurant on Union Street and some tasty whiskys in the Grill Bar, also on Union Street. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the city beach nor the Maritime Museum. That’s on the list for our next visit!

Stonehaven – Lush and green

Our first stop driving south of Aberdeen was Stonehaven. Famous for being the birth city of Robert William Thomson who invented the rubber pneumatic tyre, the little fossil Pneumodesmus Newmani and an art deco swimming pool. An outdoor swimming pool in Scotland may seem bizarre, but it is heated to 27 degrees and was great.  We visited in rain and beside the impressive design, watching the safety guard under her umbrella made us remember that we actually were in Scotland.

Fortunately the weather changes quickly, and walking at the beach in sunshine is fantastic. Surrounded by green, steep cliffs, blue ocean and gardens filled up with colourful flowers. The lush and green landscape was one of the things that amazed us, but as one of the locals we talked to said, with typical Scottish humour – the only positive outcome of all the rain.

Spectacular view

We also recommend a visit to Dunnottar Castle. It’s a really impressive ruined fortress with a great historical story. The history tells that this has been the hiding place for the Scottish crown jewels after they had been smuggled out from Edinburgh when the English invaded. The crown jewels are back in Edinburgh, but the remains of the castle is well worth the visit.  The view is spectacular and with a location on a cliff 50m above the sea, it is obvious that the fortress has been difficult to access. The castle has a story going back to 400’s and with more than 1300 years of history it is one of the most fascinating castles in Scotland. Dunnottar Castle was also the setting for the movie Hamlet from the 1990’s, starring Mel Gibson.

For visitors information and opening hours, please visit www.dunnottarcastle.co.uk

Our wonderful days in Scotland were finally set in Edinburgh where we enjoyed the Edinburgh Castle, the Modern Museum and the last day of the annual International Festival. Theatre groups, musicians and artists from all over the world filled the streets with their performances. It was a lovely atmosphere.

Want to visit the places Liv and Mona went to? Check out the links below to find them on our Britain Map:
Dunnottar Castle
The Cinnamon restaurant
The Grill bar
Edinburgh Castle



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Become our Whisky Guide

Do you have a strong interest in whisky and like to travel? Are you Swedish and good with words in both Swedish and English? If your answer is ‘yes’, then we have a proposition for you – write our whisky guide and spend a week in Scotland for research and inspiration!

As some of you may have seen in our newsletter a few weeks ago, we are looking for someone to write our guide to the world of whisky. Therefore we are now, together with VisitScotland, hosting a competitition to become VisitBritain’s Swedish whisky guide. Together with a friend, the winner gets to go to Scotland for a packed seven day trip with visits to distilleries, museums and private collections on the agenda. The prize also includes flights, accommodation and a rental car.

The competition is open to all Swedes until 31:st of May. Click here to enter:

Good luck!

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Top 10 Valentine’s Ideas in Britain

Are you planning to go to Britain for Valentine’s and have no idea what to do with your loved one? Then this Top 10 Valentine’s Day ideas list might be something for you. In the list you’ll find ideas like Balloon rides, Valentine’s punting in Cambridge or a train ride with the Orient Express through the Scottish Highlands.

If you’re more into other outdoor activities, spa weekends or just a nice restaurant to celebrate Valetine’s Day in, visit our See & Do section for some inspiration.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

– Towe –

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Bosse, the Whisky Doctor

Bosse ”Bildoktorn” Andersson is known to the Swedish TV audience for his enthusiasm for cars. Bosse also has another passion – whisky. VisitBritain meet him for a chat about his new book – Whiskyresan (the Whisky Journey). We are proud to present yet another anglophile interview. Thank you for your participation Bosse! (Interview in Swedish)

//Johannes Karlsson

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A Golfers Paradise, part 5

Måns Zelmerlöw went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his last post from the trip. (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

12.40. Tee-off at The Old Course. I hauled out the driver again. Don’t duff, don’t duff, don’t duff, not now…An audience and a starter follows your every move, judging…But hey, I managed to get the ball in the air and off we went.

For the first time in my life I had a caddie. I didn’t think it was going to make a difference but I had to try it. It was all worth it. From my perspective I played a round of dream golf and managed to finish the course on my handicap.

Famous bridge at the Old Course

Famous bridge at the Old Course

It’s a great course and the feeling to swing your way out of the same bunkers as you seen the professionals handle on TV is a love story. I managed a birdie on the 16th followed by cheering from four hardened caddies and my hear was pounding when my driver at the 17th just barely finds its way over the hotel and you know that you can reach the green on two. You can feel hundreds of people looking at you when you cross the world famous bridge between the 17th and the 18th and right here you realize that you want to come back again and again. St. Andrews is a golfers paradise.


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A Golfers Paradise, part 4

Måns Zelmerlöw went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his fourth post from the trip. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Today we got the message that we had been waiting for. It was time to play the Old Course…on Monday. We had planned to go back home this afternoon but this opportunity was to good to miss out on.

An early tee-off at the Castle Course at the break of dawn was captivating. It was probably the most beautiful nature scenery I’ve ever seen! The course was really hard with many blind holes. My game was dreadful, but the view made up for it and I kept smiling. If you ever come to Scotland you simply must play on the Castle Course!

After holed out at the 18th with seventeen points in my pocket we hurried over to the Dukes. We wanted to play another 18 holes and we got there in a golf car to manage this before sun down. This same evening we ended up at the hotel bar, tasting whisky.


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A Golfers Paradise, part 3

Måns Zelmerlöw went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his third post from the trip. (part 1, part 2)

We wanted to play on the Old Course today but we lost the daily lottery so we headed for The New Course instead. It’s a beautiful links course in direct connection to it’s big brother. Third time in a row I missed stroked with the driver and decided to use the iron clubs in the future. The New Course became somewhat of a favourite, with no wind it’s a quite easy course and I managed to collect 37 points and lowered myself to 17,1. Nothing to brag about, but still…

We managed to stream the last soccer match of the World Cup Qualification between Sweden and Denmark on the hotel room. We had snacks and beer and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate the victory – however the result 0-1 put us down, at least for a while. Pretty soon we were on our way to Dundee to see what this town had to offer.

, Måns

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