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Daylesford Farmshop & Café – An organic piece of heaven

A couple of weeks ago, the Danish journalist Hanne Høiberg visited Daylesford Farmshop & Café in London. Here’s her review.

“- Want to try a piece of brie with truffle, we just made it?

The waiter behind the bar must be a mind reader. I was just thinking, full of a fantastic pumpkin risotto and a glass of the house wine from their vineyard in Provence, that I might want a little piece of cheese to go down with the rest of the wine. So of course I say yes and complete the meal with a perfect little piece of mature soft brie, together with some mascarpone and truffle oil – on the house.

The staff here at Daylesford Farmshop & Café in Notting Hill is without a doubt passionate about their work and want to share their passion with a Danish journalist doing a research trip. Not that I told them I wanted to write about it. In their eyes I’m just one of all the tourists coming through, who looks like they’re enjoying the food and the beautiful surroundings. And they are perfectly right.

It was a total coincidence that I wandered into this hidden pearl on cosy Westbourne Growe – a vegetable shop, bakery, butcher, cheese store and café, all in one. And everything is organic! Actually, I originally just popped in for a quick cappuccino, the best I’ve ever had in London and enjoyed the sight of the bulging cabbages, crispy carrots, homemade raspberry vodka and yellow cheddar on display in the light rooms decorated in with a Nordic design, while feeling the delightful smell of newly baked bread. After that experience, I just had to come back for breakfast.

Almost everything in both the shop and the café comes from Dayleford’s organic farm in Gloustershire. Not only the beef, chicken, fruits and vegetables are made here, but also the milk, yogurt and cheese, because Daylesford also has their own creamery. And the few ingredients that are not produced at Daylesford, are all from farms living by the same philosophy of organic foods and sustainability.

The Daylesford products have won more than 80 national and international gastronomic prizes. So if you value good fresh food in a beautiful environment, Daylesford Farmshop & Café is a must, when you are in London. “

Daylesford Farmshop & Café in Notting Hill is open Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 7pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm. Get directions in our Britain Map or visit their website www.daylesfordorganic.com for further information about their farm or other shops.



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Dining with a view in Edinburgh

View from Olroso © Richard Campbell

There are many great ways to eat your way around Edinburgh. I had a chat with the owner of Oloroso – one of the top restaurants and one of the best locations if you want to dine with a view over the city centre. Here is the story of Tony Singh and his passion for Scotland and local, seasonal food!

How did you start your career as a chef? And how did your interest in food come about?

I started with a Youth Training Scheme with Scottish and Newcastle, but my passion for food and sharing it came from my Mum and my Religion.  I am Sikh and one of the corner stones of our faith is a Free Communal kitchen – a meal called Lungar.

Oloroso is one of Edinburgh’s leading restaurants – what would you say is best thing about running a restaurant in Edinburgh?

It has to be the amazing amount of events that happen in the city – from the Science Festival, to the Film Festival and the Festival Fringe – there are so many to mention! They all bring in so many interesting people from around the world.

Oloroso – what does the name come from and what does it mean?

The name means aromatic, spicy and was chosen by my late partner, James Sankey, who was a truly amazing person.  James loved his wine, and the name also comes from a style of Sherry called ‘Oloroso’ because it is left to oxidize in the barrel to give it a vey aromatic and tasty style.

Olroso head chef Tony Singh

Oloroso owner Tony Singh

Where do you find your inspiration?

From all over – from travel, books, working with different chefs, trying different food… I am like a Magpie – anything that glitters and is good I will have it!

What would you say makes Oloroso unique compared to other restaurants?

My team, they are great at making guest feel welcome and have a great time in Oloroso. And the setting – the view from our roof terrace is just spectacular at sunset with the iconic Edinburgh Castle back drop.

Scotland’s food scene is growing and there are loads of award winning restaurants, what makes Scotland such a great place for food & drink?

The simple answer is Scotland’s larder is one of the best in the world. Our seafood, beef and game are renowned across the globe, and we have such a array of artisan produces and fantastic chefs that do the produce justice.  Scotland is a foodies treasure trove!

Yum, I’m getting hungry now!!

Find your way to Oloroso with our Britain map >


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‘The Quarter’ in Liverpool

My cousin Helle has lived in Liverpool for 3 years, and she’s got a great tip for you! Thanks for sharing!

– Hanne –

Liverpool’s ‘The Quarter’ is one of those cafe’s/ restaurants that seems to be perfect for every occasion, be it a quick coffee or a nice celebration meal. It has a relaxed and non-pretentious atmosphere, and is light and warm at the same time.

I was a very frequent customer when living in Liverpool, and it is the first place I go to when I’m visiting. The restaurant/cafe is located on a peaceful cobblestone street, Faulkner street, just off Hope Street (another lovely street with The Philharmonic Hall, many restaurants, hotels etc), but is a bit of a walk from the centre of Liverpool. However, if you’re going for a concert at the Philharmonic Hall it’s the perfect place for some food/drink before the show.

The food varies from pasta dishes (try the Chevre..), pizza’s (the garden pizza is great!), salads (nice Caesar salad), daily specials, and many delicious cakes.. The prices are good, pizzas from £5 to £8/pasta dishes from £6 to £9, so a good alternative for a gathering, or a “can’t be bother to cook” night. They also have a lovely breakfast menu, serving great coffees. Though I very rarely book a table, it might be wise to do so on Friday and Saturday nights. It can get a bit packed when there’s a show on. It’s open 8am – 11 pm weekdays, and 10am – 11 pm Saturdays/10.30pm Sundays. If you like the sound of this place and want to check out their menu, have a look at their website.

Hope you like it!

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iPhone app to Londons night life

Going clubbing in London or just want to know which restaurant to go to and you have no idea on where to start? Then I have the perfect tool for you. Time out Guides and Magazine has developed an iPhone app together with Smirnoff and it actually works really well. Every week Time Out editors pick their favourite of London gigs, events, restaurants, club nights and essential film releases. Today for example, the app told me that Paul McCartney is playing at the O2 or that I can see Peter Pan on West End theatre. So if you’re going to London, check it out.  Since I’ve only tried it from home, send me feedback if you use it.

Merry Christmas,

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Birthday celebration in Edinburgh

I spent three wonderful days in Edinburgh to celebrate my dad´s 75th birthday. We were a family of 10 from ages 12 upwards … Edinburgh has something for everyone ! Here are some highlights from my trip.

Abercorn Guest House just outside central Edinburgh (Portobello) was fantastic ! A delightful couple who owned the place, who were always happy to help. Only a few minutes walk away from the beach and bus into town (bus took about 15 minutes).

The Royal Yacht Britannia. This magnificent ship was home to Her Majesty The Queen and Royal Family. I loved the dining room with gifts from all over the world. Very good audio commentary. The latest is that they even serve afternoon teas on this yacht !

We had a lot of fun at “Camera Obscura”  enjoying spectacular rooftop views as well as amazing optical experiences.

For jazz lovers a must is a visit to “The Jazz Bar” on 14 Chambers Street. On Saturdays they have afternoon jazz from 3-6pm which is easier for youngsters to come along to (14-17 ) Poor Joely 12 couldn´t join us so her mum and her did some therapy shopping instead, whilst the rest of us sat in this cool basement bar listening to live music. A special treat for the birthday boy who loves that sound of jazz !

One evening at 9pm we dared “The Cadies & Witchery Tours” with our guide Adam Lyal a deceased highwayman who was executed in Edinburgh´s Grassmarket on 27th March 1811. He lead us through the dark courtyards and alleyways of the  Old Town telling tales of witchcraft, tortue, plague, along with a group of about 30 people. Not only scary at times but amusing ?!

We also visited “The Edinburgh Dungeon”. With many shows & displays this is a wealth of gruesome discovery ! We loved the “Drop Ride to Doom”.

Most of these attractions that we did (excluding “The Royal Yacht”) are included in the Edinburgh Pass which can be bought in our webshop. Super value, even includes local bus service and Airlink tickets from the airport, as well as restaurant discounts.

Last but not least, my final tip is a restaurant “The Dome”  (The Grill Room). Beautiful place, fantastic meals, my nephew said “It was the best meal he had ever eaten” ! My neice visited the restrooms about 6 times, she had never experienced such lovely toilets ! Well worth a visit for maybe that special occasion such as a 75th birthday celebration.

Next year it is mum´s 70th birthday and looks like we will all meet up again for a trip somewhere in Englands South Coast, any tips ?

– Jackie –

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London Restaurant Festival 8 – 13 October

Going to London in October and looking for great offers, then why don’t book a table at one of the many restaurants participating in the London restaurant festival? It’s a first time ever that London unites its many restaurants and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in town this week.VB-00000950-001

During the week you will find a lot of good offers and spectacular events. Gordon Ramsey as one will be cooking at the London Eye for a special Dinner event. Tickets will be auctioned out to this evening and others during the week.  Only 10 lucky people will be able to try this spectacular dinner at 135 meter high up, and to place your bid, you have to go to the webpage listed here.

At my favourite food market, Leadenhall Market, you can enjoy a traditional  Sunday roast the 11th of October.  This will definitely be a popular event! Several restaurants all around  London will offer lunches from £10 and dinners from £15.  Check out the festivals webpage for more information and ticket bookings!


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Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Getting hungry? There´s a great pub called Wax O´Connor on Rupert Street. Take the stairs down to the area where the interiors come from a catholic church and try the fish and chips.

For asian food I´d recomend Wagamama, a chain of restaurants you´ll find all over Britain. My favourite is in Soho on Lexington Street.

Really nice and fancy asian food visit Hakkasan on 8 Henway Street, a beautiful place and wonderful food. When you want to dance the food away it´s not far (a few minutes walk) to the best flamanco place outside Spain, also on Henway Street.

If you want to spoil yourself, have a treat at The Savoy on the Strand. The afternoon Tea there is the best!

And don´t forget that if you want a break from the buzz in the city, it´s easy to get on a train to Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor och Bath for example, great for at daytrip!

-Titti Schultz-

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