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And then we found our pub expert..

hannadianaHere she is! Hanne Diana is her name and she is the oh so lucky winner of our pub expert competition, winning a trip to Newcastle.

1600 Norwegian pub enthusiasts wanted the opportunity of going pub-to-pub in Newcastle for a whole week. And who could blame them? Who wouldn’t want a week in this beautiful city, sinking in the pub atmosphere and trying out different kinds of food and beer? And then to write you very own pub guide!

The famous Norwegian Torkjell Berulfsen thought Hanne Diana stood out from the rest because of her particular motivation and the effort she had put into her application. And of course it helps that she loves the English pub culture, and has done so ever since her grand parents had a local pub in Stratford-upon-Avon when she was younger.

Hanne Diana will bring her English mother on her trip to Newcastle, since they’re both pub enthusiasts and practically grew up in an English pub.

Congratulations, and have a great trip! We will hear more from Hanne Diana when she’s back, and I guess she will have a couple of great Newcastle pubs to recommend to you!

– Hanne –

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Want to be a pub expert in Newcastle?

It might seem too good to believe, but it’s not! NewcastleGateshead is looking for a Norwegian pub expert to create an official pub-guide in Newcastle this autumn. The winner will get to go to Newcastle for a week, trying the food and drink menus on all the pubs in Newcastle. And he/she is allowed to take one research assistant along, to help with the workload..

Newcastle is strongly connected to Norway, and the hope is that a pub-guide written by a Norwegian will make it useful for other Norwegians visiting the city. And also to make the city more attractive.

The famous TV-personality Torkjell Berulfsen will be in the jury to choose a winner. So how can I win? – you’re probably thinking. Well, it’s important to be motivated and to have good skills in writing. And of course you have to have a sincere interest for the pub culture being a part of  English culture. 

So hurry! You have until the 20th of September to participate.
Click here for the Newcastle pub expert competition 
Check out an article about the competition in VG
Click here to learn more about the up-and-coming city of Newcastle

– Hanne –


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Pubcrawl in London

Two guys from Norway travelled to London this June with a special mission. After having read a book about 100 good pubs in London, they wanted to experience this in real life. They had 5 days in London and they managed to visit 38 pubs! That seems like a hectic schedule!

This is a great way to discover various parts of London and to experience the British culture. Check out their own blog http://38pubs.blogspot.com and be inspired to go pubcrawling the next time you are in London!

– hanne –


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Pub crawl in Oxford


Oxford has a number of great pubs, and the city actually has a map of (almost) all of them! So when I studied in Oxford 4 years ago, a couple of classmates and I decided to go to every pub on the map during the year we were there. And that’s 62 pubs! We had to drink a pint at each pub, and then we would colour the pub on the map. It has to be said that not all pubs where too easy to find, so I walked around with a street map while pub crawling. So one could say I was real persistent to win this competition. And I did!
If you’re going to Oxford, this is a fantastic way to get to know the city! And of course it helps if you like beer:-)

– hanne-

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