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John Lennon peace monument to be unveiled in Liverpool

I just came over a great piece of news. So if you are in Liverpool this Saturday, you are in for a big moment of cultural history!

9 October 2010 marks the celebration of John Lennon’s 70th birthday and this particular day a global peace monument is to be gifted to the people of Europe.

The monument entitled ‘Peace & Harmony’, will be unveiled in Liverpool’s Chavasse Park as part of a gala ceremony in Lennon’s birthplace of Liverpool by his eldest son Julian and first wife Cynthia.

US artist Lauren Voiers was asked by Julian to incorporate, within the monument’s design, a white feather – which to Julian is a symbol of both his father’s spirit and of peace.

Julian Lennon explains: “One of the things my father said to me was that should he pass away, if there was some way of letting me know he was going to be ok, it was by, in some shape or form, presenting me with a white feather.”

Dignitaries from all over Europe are invited I’ve heard. Wish I had planned my diary for this occasion too…

But perhaps you are able to go? If so, don’t miss this great moment to celebrate the life and spirit of Lennon and his message of peace!

And if you are not sure how to find your way to Chavasse Park, our Britain map will guide you!



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