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What would you like us to write about?

Our Nordic blog get more and more visitors every day, something we are of course very proud of! But we would also like to know what you think we should write about, so that you feel inspired to visit Britain. So the question for this month’s poll is – Which category would you like us to write more about?

There are eight categories to choose from and of course, if you feel something is missing, feel free to write your own suggestion in the field under “other”.

To vote, click on your preferred choice in the right-hand menu and then press [vote].

What did Thomas Hindersson do in London then?
In the beginning of June we asked you readers what theme the Swedish radio host Thomas should do when he’s in London? And you guys thought he should do London on a budget (25%) and Quirky London (17%). So we thought – let’s do both! And now he’s been to London so keep a look out for the first episode of Thomas Hindersson’s trip to London.

– Towe


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