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South Wales – a hidden treasure

The Dylan Thomas Statue

Since I have lived in Swansea for almost a year as an exchange student I would like to strike a blow for this coastal city and its surroundings on the beautiful South West Wales coast.

Swansea is the hometown of late poet and writer Dylan Thomas. So for all literature lovers there is The Dylan Thomas Centre to visit. The Centre also have an annual Dylan Thomas Festival during October and November.

My favorite place though is the Mumbles, a seaside resort village on Swansea Bay. The name reportedly means “breasts,” which is suitable considering the two islets peaking out of the water. This little village has numerous pubs and is famous for the Mumbles Mile. The Mumbles Mile is a stretch of pubs and clubs along the coast, nowadays ten, meaning one pint per stop.

Three Cliffs Bay

From Mumbles onwards you can walk along the coast of Gower, visiting around 50 unspoilt beaches, coves and bays. Rhossili beach is my favourite. The beaches also have warmer water than in other parts of the UK which is nice (due to the effect of the Gulf Stream). Some of the beaches are also very popular for surfers.

Along the coast there is high and low tide which is extremely powerful to watch. I highly recommend you go to the beach when the tide is coming in. Have a look at the tide table before you go.

Another thing I enjoyed and had far to many of was the wonderful fudge candy. Nowhere else I have had so creamy, delicious fudge. So stay tuned for fudge stores!

/Camilla, trainee Stockholm office


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