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A weekend in Manchester

Remember we had a competition where you could design your own sneakers and win a trip to Manchester? Lone was our Danish winner, and she wants to share her trip with us:
Manchester, 25 - 27 sept. 2009 153.jpg, webWe had a great trip! And the people of Manchester were friendly and helpful towards us. Especially when it came to a couple of Danes who had some difficulties with buying tickets for the tram at Salford Qaeys. I wasn’t aware that the tram drove on the left side until a friendly person told me that I was waiting in the wrong direction! Compared to Copenhagen, I got the impression that the people of Manchester are really friendly when it comes to helping out a single tourist such as myself.

Manchester, 25 - 27 sept. 2009 024.jpg,China Town, web
We stayed at the hotel Arora, which was a fantastic hotel. We could walk from the train station to the hotel in nice surroundings. The buildings showed a different kind of city. It was exciting to live in the middle of Manchester’s China Town. The first evening we went to the famous restaurant Yang Sing in Princess Street, which really lived up to its expectations. We were lucky to get a table even though we hadn’t booked ahead.

Manchester,Salford Qaeys III, 25 - 27 sept. 2009 096.jpg, webThe next day, Laura got ill so I had to walk around the city on my own. I went to Daniel Liebkinds Imperial War Museum at Trafford Road, that was great, both indoors and outside! I passed by The Lowry and a modern bridge that looked like something Normann Foster could have made. This entire quarter was exciting, and it was nice to walk by the river in the windy weather. In the afternoon I had some time to walk around on the other side of Princess Street and into The Manchester Art Museum. That day was the opening of an exhibition with female surrealist artists, with the intersting American Merle Oppenheim and the famous Mexican painter Frieda Kahlo. There was also a statue in the more modern part of the gallery of the famous English sculptor Anthony Gomley. We ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant close to the hotel.

Manchester, 27 sept. 2009 141.jpg, webSunday we walked through the Northern parts of Manchester where there were lots of people in the streets and a Brazilian band with dancers. We got to see both the Manchester Cathedral and Urbis. If I could have had more time, I definitely would have taken a day trip to Liverpool, a city my parents visited in the 50’s.

Manchester was a great city, and now I’m looking forward to receiving my sneakers with my very own design!
Regards, Lone.

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– Hanne –



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Team of the week: Manchester United

Manchester United - Ferdinand & coIt’s difficult not to think of football when you think of Manchester. And why wouldn’t you? Manchester United is the one team in England with most Premiership titles. Will they win again this season? Vote on your favourite team in our ‘Poll of the month’!

Manchester United, also known as the Red Devils, has their home ground at Old Trafford and has been under the steady leadership of their manager Alex Ferguson for more than twenty years. Alex has won more awards than any other manager in the history of English football, including nine ‘Manager of the Year’ – awards.

Manchester United - RooneyUnited has several important players, such as Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Carrick, Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic. This season, Man U has bought Michael Owen from Newcastle, Antonio Valencia from Wigan and Gabriel Obertan from Bordeaux. Michael Owen has been granted the classic number 7, a shirt who before him has been worn by legends such as George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Ronaldo and Bryan Robson. Will he manage to live up to the expectations and responsibility which comes with this shirt?

Manchester United - BerbatovNext weekend, Manchester United will play Bolton at Old Trafford. What do you think the score will be?

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Going to England for a Premier League match?
Buy tickets here!
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– Hanne –

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Six new reasons to go to Britain this autumn!

New routes to Britain editedAutumn is almost here and that means winter schedules starts. And this autumn the airline schedules have a lot of new routes to Britain:

From October 25 Norwegian is expanding their flights from Bergen to London.

Ryan Air is expanding their routes with two brand new routes this season. On November 4 Ryan Air starts flying between Torp (Olso) and Edinburgh in Scotland three times a week. On November 5 the new route from Skavsta (Nyköping) to London Gatwick opens. Ryan Air will fly this route once a day and tickets are already available for booking.

EasyJets new route between Copenhagen and Manchester will be scheduled six days a week from November 4.

Finally Cimber Sterling is expanding their winder schedule with a new route and more frequent flights on an existing route. From October 26 passengers can fly from Copenhagen to London Gatwick six days a week. On the same day the new route from Billund to Aberdeen starts flying, also six days a week.  

So there you have it – Six new reasons to go to Britain this autumn!

 – Towe –

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Made in Manchester – sneaker winner

Our campaign ‘Made in Manchester’ – the campaign where you could design your own sneaker and win a trip to Manchester – has come to an end. And Badly Drawn Boy has chosen some very good looking sneakers and some very happy winners! The Swedish winner, Cecilia, would like to share some of her experiences with us:

– hanne –


Two weeks ago I received a phone call from Hanne who told me that I had won a trip just by designing a pair of sneakers. I didn’t believe it was true, and it is still a bit unbelievable. Anyway, I won a trip to beautiful Manchester and lived in a super apartment!

This trip was wonderful even though it was short and intensive. We tried to do as much as possible. The first evening we went to a couple of bars and restaurants in the area around our hotel. The next day we walked around Manchester, to Arndale and Market street, Deansgate and to Chinatown. I would recommend every one of these streets, and especially the shopping centre ‘Next’ for everyone that loves the type of shoes that I do! That was all we had time for during the afternoon. Later that evening we went to the Opera House for the concert we won tickets to with Antony and the Johnsons. It was a really good concert! The last day was pretty much all about airports.

I have never met such wonderful and helpful people as I did in Manchester, this made my trip.

Thanks so much!
 Next      Chinatown      Opera House

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Thomas Hinderssons trip to England, Part VI: Manchester in a day

Now it has been proven – it is possible to get stuck, freak out and fall in love with a town in one day. Here’s Thomas latest report from Manchester.

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Thomas Hinderssons trip to England, Part V: Lost in Manchester

Finally Thomas has arrived in Manchester and he quickly manages to get lost. Will he survive? Here’s episode V:

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Thomas Hinderssons trip to England, Part IV: The departure

Earlier this morning, Thomas plane left for Manchester. Like so many of us, Thomas had problems sleeping the night before his flight. Did he fall asleep and miss the plane?

Find out what happened in the fourth chapter of Thomas fantastic trip to England:

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