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Spring is here – So are the Flower Shows!

Spring is here! Well, at least in Britain, which means the air is getting warmer, the trees are getting greener and flowers are popping up everywhere. But not only that, spring also means that the popular British garden shows are back and first up is Cardiff Flower Show in Wales.

Cardiff Flower Show
Between 16th and 18th of April, beautiful Bute Park, beneath Cardiff Castle in Wales turns into an inferno of flowers, trees, gardeners and garden enthusiasts. Cardiff Flower Show is open every day from 10-16.30 and entry tickets cost £10 per day. Kids go for free with paying adult.

Chelsea Flower Show
Chelsea Flower Show, also called the gardeners Mecca, is the biggest flower show in England, attracting thousands of people each year. Walk around among flowers, trees and gardening attires for all tastes at one of Europe’s best flower shows.

The show is held in the garden of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London between 27th and 29th of May and opens every day at 8am. Please notice, you cannot buy tickets for this exhibit at the entrance, only in advance. Prices vary depending on which day, and time of day, you choose. Please check their website for further details.

Hampton Court Flower Show
In the beautiful park of Hampton Court Palace, the worlds biggest flower show is hosted each year. The park covers 304 hectares and under normal circumstances you’ll find sparkling fountains, an exotic Orangery, a maze and over 200,000 different flowers in the formal gardens of over 26 hectares. During the show, there’ll be even more different types of flowers, plants and garden designs.

The show opens every day at 10am between the 8th and 11tf of July, and closes every day at 7.30pm, except for Sunday, when they close at 5.30pm. Prices vary depending on when you visit the show, please check their website for further details.

Further information
These Flower Shows are only a tiny portion of all the Flower Shows held in the UK during the year, and especially in the Spring and Summer months. Which ever show you pick, you will definitely get an overdose of inspiration for your garden, balcony or window box. If you feel the three featured shows isn’t enough, please click here to find more shows to visit.

Maybe you’re heading to towards Britain at the wrong time but is still interested in some gardening and flowers, or maybe you just want to visit the British gardens in general, then please visit our page about gardens on VisitBritain.se for more information about different gardens, parks and outdoor activites.

Either way, enjoy the spring and the flowers in Britain!

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Henry VIII – The Tudors – and London.

Is there anyone else out there who has followed the tv-series about the Tudors? It’s rather fascinating with “sex, drugs and rock & roll” set in a Tudor-setting. Henry VIII led a ruthless life , taking 6 wives where he beheaded two of them, divorced  4 and was rather an unpleasant partner I would guess? If you are into history and Henry VIII this is the year to visit some of the palaces and places connected to the late King.

Hampton Court Palace, which he more or less stole from his lord chancellor  Cardinal Wolsey is one. The cardinal “volunteered” to give it to the former King but was still beheaded a few years later. So much for being generous! Now it’s 500 years since Henry VIII became king and at Hampton Court Palace an extensive makeover has been done to the state apartments. New furniture and decorations to really catch the lavish Tudor feeling. The celebration at Hampton Court called “Henry VIII: Heads and Hearts” is going on the whole year.

Tower of LondonFurther more, a visit to The Tower of London, where several of Henry VIII’s enemies (or people he just didn’t like) were imprisoned and beheaded, will be essential. Here the exhibition “Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill” will go on the entire year. The exhibition claims they have gathered together,     for the first time since the 16th century, the largest number of objects that belonged to Henry,- and of course, just a few yards away from the    exhibition at the Tower you’ll find the site of Ann Boleyn’s execution. 

There are several other places in London,- and other parts of England, where they will celebrate the 500 year anniversary . The British Library in London, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with Henry’s favourite warship Mary Rose, Windsor Castle and  Hever Castle in Kent will all have exhibitions and activities.  Please contact us by email for more information.

Buy your tickets to Hampton Court Palace and The Tower of London in our web shop online.



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