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Premier League predictions, part 1

Who will lift the trophy next spring?

Who will lift the trophy next spring?

So, it’s time. In no more than three days the new Premier League season will kick off and my beloved Spurs will meet the “dark horse” of the title race: Manchester City. With Tottenham in the Champions League and City stronger and richer than ever, I think the Premier League 10/11 season will be the most exciting season in many years.

Norwegian John Carew and Ashley Young, Aston Villa

Norwegian John Carew and Ashley Young, Aston Villa

The Premier League has not been unaffected by the international economic downfall and clubs are not being able to do as much business during the summer as usual. Well, apart from Manchester City, who are buying players like there is no tomorrow. Chelsea have been unusually quiet in the transfer market, Manchester United do not have any money to spend and Liverpool and Arsenal spend more time on trying to keep their best players than recruiting new ones.

This means that clubs like Manchester City, Aston Villa and Tottenham have turned the Premier League into a seven horse race. Though I still find it hard to see someone other than United or Chelsea winning the title this year, it certainly brings even more excitement to the best league in the world.

So, without further ado, here are my predictions for the new season:

8. Everton
On a good day, Everton have the ability to beat every team in the league. The problem is that those days come quite seldom. Last season was ruined by injuries and they need to keep players like Arteta, Cahill, Jagielka and Saha fit this season. I am also excited to see what Jermain Beckford can do in the Premier League.

7. Aston Villa
Villa has a great squad with a lot of pace and technique in their midfield. Key players James Milner and Richard Dunne (!) had a great season last year but their squad is quite small and I can’t see them climbing higher than 7:th this year.

Fernando Torres, Liverpool

Fernando Torres, Liverpool

6. Liverpool
Last season’s big disappointment have not been too active in the transfer market and even though key players like Gerrard and Torres have pledged their future to the club, Anfield still seems to be in shambles to me. It will be interesting to see what Roy Hodgson can do at a big club like this but if he manages to get the house in order then Liverpool will of course be up there – as they should.

5. Tottenham
I wish I could write that Spurs will follow up their fourth place finish from last year with another one, but I don’t see it happening.  We got a good and rather big squad but still lack that final touch. Last season was a big step forward in the way we play – instead of just trying to pass it around nicely but ineffectively, we managed to play more physically and sometimes even boring long ball football. Not always too fun but more varied and way more successful. But we never seem to be able to finish ahead of the Gunners and I think the other three teams above are just too strong.

What do you think? Am I dillusional in thinking Spurs will finish ahead of Liverpool? Will Liverpool restore the order and finish in the top four? Feel free to comment and discuss below!

Check back here tomorrow for my predictions for the top four spots!


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Team of the week: Everton


The city of Liverpool has another great team to be proud of and that is Everton Football Club. Did you know that Everton is called ‘The Toffees’?

Everton - Osman & coEverton is the only club in England who has played more than 100 seasons in the top division.  Their home ground is at Goodison Park, that’s on the other side of Stanley Park, opposite Anfield. In football, there is often rivalry between local teams. This is also the case between Liverpool and Everton, and matches between the two are known as ‘the Merseyside Derby’.

The most famous Everton player is Dixie Dean, who scored 60 league goals in one season! This was in the 1927-28 season.

Everton - LescottThis season, Everton has bought Anton Peterlin and has got Iain Turner back from Nottingham. David Moyes is their manager, and last season’s winner of ‘Manager of the Year’.

Did you know that Paul McCartney is an Everton fan? His father was actually the chairman in Everton supporter club several years ago (speaking of the Beatles, click here for information about where you can walk in their footsteps).

Next Everton match is on the 13th of September, playing Fulham. After their awful premiership start, could a win in this match turn it around?

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