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Hampshire County- green, cosy, picturesque and close to London.

Just one hour drive from London this beautiful county will offer the best of England! If you are looking for the typical green, rolling hills, farms and small villages, you’ve come to the right county.

Start out in Farnham, a cosy market town with a small castle and one of England’s finest streets, the Castle Street, lined with beautiful Georgian buildings. Just outside the village is  a beautiful bird park, the Birdworld, with flamingos, talking parrots and strange birds.  Also visit the ruins of Waverley Abbey, Britain’s first Cistercian Abbey, dated back to 1128.

Heading south, take the A325 passing the RAF-camp of Bordon and then the tiny roads to the pretty, old town of Selborn. This small village of stone houses has a famous church (for what I don’t remember, but there’s the base of the 1400 year old yew tree in front of the church, that might have been the reason.) The village also host a tiny museum of the 18th century Natural Historian and ecologist Gilbert White. There’s a pottery, a nice pub – the Selborn Arms and a local store. No pictures are found, this is a place not many tourists visit and that’s just why you should go there!

From Selborn follow the B3006 and it will eventually lead you to Chawton, home of famous author Jane Austin during her last years. You can visit her house and have a cup of tea at Cassandra’s Cup, the Tea Room across the road.

Further on to New Alresford, a former stop for coaches driving between London and Southampton. Check out their antique shops and great pubs and take a walk along the famous watercress fields. You can search for more information about New Alresford previously on the blog.

Spend a good time in England’s first capital, Winchester. The grand cathedral is beautiful and has a good range of quality stores. Winchester has several famous boarding schools with Winchester College as the oldest continuously running school in England. Jane Austen is buried in the impressive cathedral and the town has several award-winning tea-rooms, gastro-pubs and restaurants. Try out the local pub, The Eclipse Inn at 25 the Square! Winchester also claims to have King Arthur’s Round Table on show. Stay in the old Mill YHA or enjoy some of the nice small hotels around.

If you’re a cricket fan, don’t miss the village of Hambledon near by. It says it’s the “cradle of cricket” and that the local Hambledon Cricket club in late 18th Century “raised the sport to an art” and formed the now known rules of the game.

A 10 min. drive away you’ll find Marwell Zoo with its snow-leopards, giraffes, tigers, monkeys and rare breads not found anywhere else. For the tiny ones there’s also a small fun fair.

So, buy yourself a good map, rent a car and start exploring the Hampshire County. You will not regret it!

Find Hamphire County on our Britain map.


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In the Footsteps of our Ancestors

Danish TV-host Frantz Howitz in York

Northern England is a large region that stretches from River Trent in the South and borders to Scotland in the North. During the Antiquity, most of Northern England was part of the Celtic realm of Brigantia and after the Roman conquest the area was united under one rule with York as capital. Since then, Northern England has been an important region with different geographical constellations. Today, the region is a conglomerate of counties with no collective government, but the cultural and historic bonds still remains.

On 27, 28 and 29 June Danish cable TV-station DK4 will be sending three episodes about Northern England’s archaeological past. Danish TV-host Frantz Howitz will take the viewer on an archaeological journey through the Viking age and the early Christian times.

Through the years, Frantz Howitz have visited archaeological places of interest in Denmark, and now he takes on the North of England with the help of local experts like England’s leading archaeologist Richard Hall. During his journey, Howitz visits one of England’s oldest churches still in use, Escombe Church, dated back to 670 AD, and beautiful Durham Cathedral, which was founded in 1093 and is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. The viewers will also learn more about Hadrian’s Wall, built as a defence on the northern borders of the Roman Empire in 120-130 AD.

So Danes, turn on DK4 at 22.30 on Sunday 27 June to see the first of three episodes of “Tidsrejse gennem det arkæologiske Nordengland”. And if you want to experience the places visited in the show, Tiffany Tours have an eight day long guided tour through the North of England called I forfædrenes fodspor. If you’d rather explore the region by yourself, I suggest you visit our homepage and online shop for inspiration.


– Towe

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Go you Red and Whites!!

The World Cup starts today! But Scandinavia has poor representation this year. Only Denmark qualified. And even though we have quite a tough group this year, I have a lot of confidence in our boys!

And for those Swedes who would like to remember what it’s like competing for the World Cup, SVT had a TV-marathon of all great moments in Swedish world cup history last night, but everything can be seen again during the whole World Cup on SVT Play. 

So let the games begin…

The first game in the tournament is between the hosting nation South Africa and Mexico at 16.00 (GMT+1) today. England will be playing their first game against USA on Saturday 12 June at 20.30 but us Danes have to wait until Monday 14 June 13:30 when we play our first game against the Netherlands.

Check out the schedule for the Danish and British games below (or click here for full timetable):

Group C
12 June 20:30 England – USA
18 June 20:30 England – Algeria
23 June 16:00 Slovenia – England

Group E
14 June 13:30 Netherlands – Denmark
19 June 20:30 Cameroon – Denmark
24 June 20:30 Denmark – Japan

For those of you living in Denmark there is a lot of places to see the World Cup on big screens and tonight Politiken holds a big World Cup party on Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen with big screens, live bands and other festivities. I for one, will be celebrating from my car on my way down south tonight. And at some point I might even roll down my window and shout – Go you red and whites!!

– Towe


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One month to World Cup 2010 South Africa

Nordic football fans, it’s only one month left before the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa kicks off. From the Nordics, Denmark was the only one to qualify which gives us at the office a perfect reason to support them and of course England. Whether you’re going to watch the World Cup from your living room or from the stadiums – get ready to see some of the best football teams battle for honor and glory to the sound of South Africa’s drums, dancing and the sheer volume of vuvuzelas.

Below you can see England’s match dates, times and venues.

Date        Time (GMT+1)   Venue
12/06           20:30               Rustenburg              England – USA
18/06           20:30               Cape Town                England – Algeria
23/06          16:00                Nelson Mandela      Solvenia – England

View the complete list over all the World Cup matches here.

A dream scenario would definitely be to see England and Denmark in the final the 11th of July!


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Snug up with Barnaby this Christmas

Tomorrow, on Wednesday 30 December, the Swedish TV-station SVT airs the first of three new episodes of Midsomer Murders.

So park yourself in front of the TV at 20.00 tomorrow with a cup of tea or some Christmas candy and a cosy warm blanket, and find out what intriguing new plot will happen in the three new episodes. And if you haven’t satisfied your hunger for murder mysteries in English countryside, then visit our Barnaby site for ideas on how to follow in Inspector Barnaby’s footsteps:


Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– Towe –

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Winter – fossils – history – nature – silence

Are you going to England this winter but would like to stay away from busy cities, why not visit Dorset? If you also are a bit interested in geology this beautiful area in the south-west of England should be perfect. This is a great place for relaxation with beautiful coastline and rolling hills, sometimes covered in a bit of snow. The county has several historical towns well worth a visit like Sherborne with its medieval buildings and Abbey castle, historical busy Dorchester and the cozy market-town of Bridport

West Dorset is famously known for its Jurrasic Coast. Winter is actually the perfect season for fossil hunting, as the rougher seas and the tides start to unravel the depths of the beach. You can join a fascinating guided fossil walk from the pretty villages of Charmouth and Lyme Regis . The walks are for free and run more or less every Saturday and Sunday. For detailed information about walks from Charmouth klick here. For walks out from Lyme Regis klick here. 

Don’t be put off by the thought of bad weather, it’s actually often very nice with blue sky and crisp winter air! And with few visitors around, this is my favourite time to visit the coast.

For more ideas and information about places to go, accomodation, winter-events and so on please visit West Dorsets website.


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Classic Britain – A winners travel tale, Part Three

St Albans

St Albans

In this last part of Ingemar Erikssons trip to England, we read about his last days in England, when he by accident find himself in the middle of a carnival. Check it out:

”Sunday. Went to St Albans, which was the total opposite of Luton. I visited the fantastic cathedral and took a walk through the city.

The visit in St Albans was too short, but I wanted to be in time for the race at United. Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic because of a car accident, so I just saw half the old Mini race, but I saw the whole new Mini race. The winner was a Swede!

After a last tour around the festival area I drove towards Oxford, which unfortunately was total disaster from a driver’s point of view. I passed Woodstock (Blenheim Palace), Burford and Kelmscott with one goal – To drive the around the River Thames. I was supposed to start at Pangbourne, but I messed that up, and it was dark when I arrived, so I drove back to Luton.

Next day I had the choice to go back and do the tour around the River Thames or stay in Luton and watch ‘Luton Carnival’. Chose the Carnival and that was a real adventure. Carnival processions from all corners of England was there with amazing costumes and masks in the parade.

Luton Carnival

After the carnival I drove back to Harwich and took the boat back home. The voyage was problem free, as well as the drive. The weather was good so I decided to drive with the top down over the Öresund Bridge, even in the tunnel. A very unpleasant experience as the echo from the tunnel top was hard and annoying for four kilometres. The last part of the drive was better when I took the ‘scenic route’ through Gränna and Ödeshög.

General impressions of England:
The traffic in England gives me mixed feelings. Nice little roads, perfect for the Mini! But most roads are covered on both sides with hedges, which give you a feeling of driving in a ditch and you can’t see the beautiful nature on the other side. Sometimes the hedges end and then it’s a great drive, reminding me of Scania. British traffic signs are annoying – very good when you’re supposed to slow down, not good at all when you are allowed to speed up. Combined with all the cameras it was quite a terrifying experience, mainly because of the lack of information. Another problem was cars parking everywhere, blocking roads, parking on the wrong side of a road etc, making a mess of traffic that I’m not used to in Sweden. The new M1 from M25 to Luton was probably the best motorway I’ve ever seen.

The general impression of England was really good. Prices are good from a tourist point of view, since the Swedish Crone is stronger than the pound. Nice countryside and good roads. There are a lot of attractions, which makes England interesting to travel in. I think I am going to travel more by car in the English countryside sometime.”



Links to the places Ingemar visits in part three:

St Albans
River Thames
The official Guide to River Themes
Blenheim Palace
Kelmscott Manor
Luton International Carnival

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