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Extreme sports, part IV – Discovering the Mountains

Now that autumn is closing in on us, it’s time to slow down the pace, and find our way up to a higher altitude where the wind is crispy and the views are fantastic. In my fourth and final part of Extreme Sports in Britain we’ll find out what you can do in the British mountains.

Britain has plenty of beautiful mountains and on our website you’ll find a few good ideas on how and where to explore them. Why not take a 5 hour walk through the beautiful Ben Nevis in Scotland, visit the mountains in Snowdonia in Wales or stroll around in the Cumbria and the Lake District in England.

Mountain biking
Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy an extreme sport while seeing a lot of beautiful scenery. There are usually both guided tours and cycles to hire and you can find both easy and advanced routes. Read more about cycling in Siskas blog post Pedal your way through the UK.

One of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the UK is climbing, so it’s easy to find operators where you can hire your gear or get a guide to help you get started. Climb up a steep hillside in Wales or hang loose under a cliff in Scotland or Cumbria.

Caving and potholing
Head underground and find a whole new world, beneath ours. Containing some of England’s finest limestone scenery and Britain’s longest and most complex cave system, Yorkshire is a perfect way to explore some great caves and potholes. You can also weasel your way through narrow tunnels underground in Scotland or find yourself in an unspoilt cavern in Wales.

The four headlines above are the most popular mountains sports, but there are so many other cool mountain sports like coasteering, absailing, scrambling or winter sports like skiing or ice climbing etc. Find out which one is your own favourite.

This was my final part of my Extreme Sports guide. Hope you liked it and enjoy your adrenaline filled vacation in Britain. Read my previous guides by clicking the links below:

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To find more extreme sports in Britain visit our website or Enjoy England, Visit Wales or Visit Scotland.  You can also watch our film about extreme sports in Britain below and get inspired.

– Towe

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Pedal your way through UK

A cycling holiday in the UK is a unique opportunity for you to discover and experience the real British countryside up close and at your own pace. Besides, cycling is healthy, tranquil and gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the small details that you would never have seen.

If you’re up for some long distance cycling there’s many great cycle routes to choose from. These are our long distance cycling favorites (click on the names to read about the routes):
> Fakenham to Harwich
> London to Hastings
> Devon Coast to Coast

> More long distance routes

Scotland is blessed with an open landscape, spectacular scenery and has therefore one of the UK’s best cycling routes. If you want to cycle in Scotland, there’s plenty of routes for mountain biking, long distance, countryside and family friendly cycling.
> More information about cycling in cycling in Scotland

Are you looking for a more action-packed cycling holiday? Then mountain biking in Wales is the answer. Wales got some of the best spots for mountain biking with its forest, single and mountain tracks. Here’s the official guide for mountain biking in Wales.

Instead of taking the original sightseeing on double deckers, why not discover London by a guided bike tour and get the exercise at the same time. Cycling in London is cost-effective and brilliant if you want a break from all the hustle. In addition, it gives you the chance to see other sides of London. The big city offers numerous of pleasant routes through parks where you can stop and have a picnic.

Happy pedaling!


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