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New series: Quirky Event of the week 2010

As many of you may know, we’ve had a feature called “Team of the week”, which basically meant that we every week posted some information and images on one team from the Premier League. This ended with Stoke being the last team of the week, the day after Christmas.

So what do we do now, we thought, grinding our teeth and ripping out our hair… Well, we said – Why not do a new series of the week? But this time , let’s do a “Quirky Event of the week”. This feature will not be every week. There may be many quirky events in the UK, but they are not evenly spread out across the weeks. So you simply have to put up with us doing as we please in this matter. And now that we’ve solved that little issue, let’s present the first quirky event of the year:


So, what is this then, you might ask. Well, every year on the first Monday after the 3rd of February, the Mayor of the town of St Ives, through out a silver ball from the wall of the Parish Church. Once the ball is caught by a member of the crowd, the game is on. The contenders then compete for the ball through the beaches and streets of St Ives. The winner is the one that can take the ball to the Mayor on the strike of noon at the Guildhall. When the winner has received the reward of five shillings, the local councilors then throw pennies down from the balcony of the Guildhall for the children below to collect.

Do you want to compete for the silver ball? Then visit St Ives on the 8th of February. For more information, check out Visit Cornwalls website.

– Towe –

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From football players to couch potatoes

Liverpool - Gerrard & KuytFootball season is almost over for the Nordic football teams and so is our this months poll and even though Premier League is still going for quite a while the results are already in. The people have voted and according to you readers, Liverpool wins Premier League this year! But it was a close call. With 21% Manchester United came in second after Liverpools 25%. Third was Chelsea with 20%. And I am sorry to tell you Gary, but only two people believed Sunderland would win this year. Let’s see if our readers are right.

This months poll will be dedicated to the British culture scene. We’ve got a few competitions going on like winning a year pass to the Stockholm Film Festival or movie tickets to In the Loop and for those who’d rather just go to Britain the blog is now loaded with tips like a tour round Harry Potters world or best places to go to in Sherlock Holmes Cornwall.

So I thought – Why not have a poll about culture on TV? And there’s your reason why I this month decided that you get to vote on your favourite political satire. Isn’t that fun?

To vote, click on your preferred choice in the right-hand menu and then press [vote].

And don’t hesitate to comment on either the last poll or the new one below. What did you vote for and why? Would you have liked to see other options? Do you think Liverpool really will win in the end? Will Gary ever get over his loss? The debate is on…

– Towe –



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Stunning view from the train!

CornwallI got a mail from Clare at FirstGreatWesternRailway telling me about England’s probably most scenic and beautiful train route. If you still have some days of vacation left, and are going by train in England, don’t miss out the line between Newton Abbot and Exeter St Davids in Cornwall! It passes through the two sea-side towns of Dawlish and Teignmouth. This stretch of track runs along the coastline, and can be very picturesque with an absolutely stunning view!

The FirstGreatWestern trains between Penzance and London Paddington operate along this route, and services run approximately every hour. The cheapest way to travel between London and Cornwall is to buy one of our train-passes. More info in our webshop.

have a nice trip!


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