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Aberdeen – friendly and tasty

Remember the competition we had together with VisitScotland last year for our Norwegian bloggers? The two lucky winners Asbjørn Wille and Liv Brekkenes won a 3 day trip to Aberdeen City and Shire. A couple of weeks ago, we posted Asbjørns trip to Aberdeen and now it’s Livs turn. She brought her friend Mona Myhran along and here’s their story.

“Aberdeen is mainly known for its agriculture and oil industry, and not exactly for being a typical tourist destination. It was therefore quite a surprise to discover that this city has a lot to offer. You just have to give it a chance.

What impressed us most were the friendly and welcoming people we met everywhere, and the beautiful and stunning architecture. The churches and cathedrals were magnificent, and the small brick houses with the pipes on the outside walls and the chimneys on the roofs are really something else from our houses in Norway.

We had a great Indian meal in Cinnamon restaurant on Union Street and some tasty whiskys in the Grill Bar, also on Union Street. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the city beach nor the Maritime Museum. That’s on the list for our next visit!

Stonehaven – Lush and green

Our first stop driving south of Aberdeen was Stonehaven. Famous for being the birth city of Robert William Thomson who invented the rubber pneumatic tyre, the little fossil Pneumodesmus Newmani and an art deco swimming pool. An outdoor swimming pool in Scotland may seem bizarre, but it is heated to 27 degrees and was great.  We visited in rain and beside the impressive design, watching the safety guard under her umbrella made us remember that we actually were in Scotland.

Fortunately the weather changes quickly, and walking at the beach in sunshine is fantastic. Surrounded by green, steep cliffs, blue ocean and gardens filled up with colourful flowers. The lush and green landscape was one of the things that amazed us, but as one of the locals we talked to said, with typical Scottish humour – the only positive outcome of all the rain.

Spectacular view

We also recommend a visit to Dunnottar Castle. It’s a really impressive ruined fortress with a great historical story. The history tells that this has been the hiding place for the Scottish crown jewels after they had been smuggled out from Edinburgh when the English invaded. The crown jewels are back in Edinburgh, but the remains of the castle is well worth the visit.  The view is spectacular and with a location on a cliff 50m above the sea, it is obvious that the fortress has been difficult to access. The castle has a story going back to 400’s and with more than 1300 years of history it is one of the most fascinating castles in Scotland. Dunnottar Castle was also the setting for the movie Hamlet from the 1990’s, starring Mel Gibson.

For visitors information and opening hours, please visit www.dunnottarcastle.co.uk

Our wonderful days in Scotland were finally set in Edinburgh where we enjoyed the Edinburgh Castle, the Modern Museum and the last day of the annual International Festival. Theatre groups, musicians and artists from all over the world filled the streets with their performances. It was a lovely atmosphere.

Want to visit the places Liv and Mona went to? Check out the links below to find them on our Britain Map:
Dunnottar Castle
The Cinnamon restaurant
The Grill bar
Edinburgh Castle



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Blog Winner – Asbjørn goes Aberdeen

Last year, VisitScotland held a competition for Norwegian bloggers where the prize was a 3 night trip to Aberdeen City and Shire with Eastern Airways. We pulled two winners who each got to bring a friend. The lucky winners were Asbjørn Wille and Liv Brekkenes. Congratulations!

Asbjørn took his wife with him, and this is about their experience from Aberdeen City and Shire.

My wife and I visited Aberdeen during the Easter holiday and we discovered that Aberdeen is an exciting city. We also got to travel around and see its beautiful green landscape. We stayed at Jurys Inn, which is a top modern hotel in the heart of the city and it’s a part of Union Square – a huge shopping centre.

At the airport we were met by a friendly and service minded lady from Avis and we prepared ourselves to start driving on the wrong side of the road for the very first time. We were a bit nervous, but after great success in the first roundabout we felt fine. Driving in Scotland was in fact a pleasant experience.

On Saturday, after a good Scottish breakfast, we were ready to explore the city. We took a taxi to the lovely Seaton Park and walked from there. There were many charming streets, small beautiful cottages and great architecture. Aberdeen is also a city where you can really shop till you drop! You’ll find everything from the big fashion boutiques, shopping centres, charity shops, small designer houses to local street markets.

While in Aberdeen, we made sure to try some haggis and it was much better than we had expected. But we had the best dinner at the restaurant at the Jurys Inn hotel. The meal was fantastic and deserves a star.

Sunday was our big day on the road. In our Avis car we started early in the morning and our first stop was at the beautiful Stonehaven – this is a must-visit town. It’s difficult to describe by words – you just have to see it for yourselves. After Stonehaven we drove to Dunnottar Castle. What a location and what a view.

Next stop was at Crathes Castle and Garden. A couple of lovely ladies from the National Trust for Scotland (NST) took us on a guided tour and told us interesting stories about the castle and its items. We also visited the famous Glendfiddich distillery in Dufftown.

Our trip to Aberdeen and Shire was a great success. It was great to explore, taste and see this part of Britain. We fell in love with Scotland and its people. Hopefully we will be back soon. You just have to visit Aberdeen.

Below you can see which places Asbjørn and his wife visited in Aberdeen. (Click on the names to find it on the map.)
Jurys Inn Hotel
Union Square Shopping Centre
Seaton Park
Glenfiddich Distillery
Dunnottar Castle
Crathes Castle and Garden

Liv Brekkenes, the other winner, will soon share her experience from Aberdeen City and Shire. So keep checking the blog.


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Whisky Guide Competition Winner

We’re happy to announce the winner of our whisky guide competition. The jury with Bosse “Bildoktorn” Andersson agreed in appointing Hanna Tunberg from Malmö to be our whisky guide in Scotland this fall. Congratulations Hanna!

Hanna Tunberg

Hanna Tunberg, winner

Hanna is an educated sommelier with a Professional Certificate in Spirits, she has a vast knowledge in food and she’s also a whisky judge. The jury liked the combination of a deep knowledge in food and drink together with the fact that she’s a skilled blogger, writer and photographer. Among other projects she’s involved in the following: www.matkaravan.nu, www.smakverkstan.blogspot.com.

We had a large number of contestants in this competition and many of you wrote excellent applications, there’s really a vast knowledge of whisky amongst the Swedish population. Here are some examples:

Robert Van Hal, Malmö: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Anders Bizzozero, Ronneby: www.ronnebywhiskysallskap.se

Peter Sjögren, Västra Frölunda: www.whiskyflaskan.se

Andreas Wennblom, Huskvarna: www.studiomalt.se

Would you be interested in visit Scotland yourself, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to VisitScotland’s homepage, there’s even one in Swedish.


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Become our Whisky Guide

Do you have a strong interest in whisky and like to travel? Are you Swedish and good with words in both Swedish and English? If your answer is ‘yes’, then we have a proposition for you – write our whisky guide and spend a week in Scotland for research and inspiration!

As some of you may have seen in our newsletter a few weeks ago, we are looking for someone to write our guide to the world of whisky. Therefore we are now, together with VisitScotland, hosting a competitition to become VisitBritain’s Swedish whisky guide. Together with a friend, the winner gets to go to Scotland for a packed seven day trip with visits to distilleries, museums and private collections on the agenda. The prize also includes flights, accommodation and a rental car.

The competition is open to all Swedes until 31:st of May. Click here to enter:

Good luck!

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Win tickets to Robin Hood – The movie

The new Robin Hood movie will be in theaters May 12th (Sweden and Finland), May 13th (Denmark) and May 14th (Norway).

This is the story of how a simple outlaw became a legend that has been around for hundreds of years. In the 13th century England, Robin Hood (played by Russell Crowe) takes up the fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham and the greedy King John. With Sherwood Forest as his hideout and together with his Merry Men and the beautiful Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), Robin start a thrilling adventure by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor whilst they fight to protect and restore England’s former glory.

In collaboration with Universal Studios we’ll give 10 people, from each Nordic country, the opportunity to win tickets for two and to be one of the first to see the exciting new Robin Hood movie. To enter the competition, please click on your country link below and answer a few questions:

Sweden >
Finland >
Demark >
Norway >

Good luck!

– Siska


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Our pub expert tells her story

Remember the pub expert competition we had in Norway a couple of months ago? Here, the winner, Hanne Diana, tells her story about her whole week of pub crawling in Newcastle:
My name is Hanne Diana, I am 22 years old and I was the lucky winner of the NewcastleGateshead “pubexpert” competition. Winning this competition meant I got to travel to Newcastle for one week, visit lots of pubs, and when I got home I would write a pubguide for other Norwegian tourists. Who would not want a job like that?! I was so happy to be the winner, and I also got to bring a person with me – To all my friends disbelief I chose to bring my mom! We had a GREAT week, and here is a little info on what we filled our days with:

There was so much action going on the seven days we were down there, but I think I will start by telling you a little bit about our very first day: We met up with our “guide” for the week – Alistair Gilmore: A lovely man originally from Scotland, but living in Newcastle. He has written three books about beer and food, and so I think it is safe to say that this man knows his beer! Our first beer of the day we cracked open at a pub called “The sun in”. The funny thing about this pub is that it takes you back to the early 1900s and 1800s, even the people who work there are wearing clothes from way back when, so obviously that made it quite a funny, and not to mention a very different experience. After this we got to visit this little local brewery called “The Stables”. This was my first time at a brewery so it was quite interesting, and not to mention I learned a lot about the production of beer. Coming out of there, of course – I felt like a beer expert (still do).

As this day went by we visited a lot of different pubs, both in the city centre as well as a couple ones outside town. I got to drink som great beer, experience some great pubs, and we met up with plenty of very nice people. It was a great day and I thought Newcastle was a lovely place to be. The following days we checked out some more pubs, tasted different beers, and saw more of Newcastle. Besides that we also got to do some other interesting things: Like visiting “The Journal”. “The Journal” is one of Newcastle’s biggest local newspapers and for me who wants to be a journalist this could not have been more ideal. Alistair used to work there as a journalist, and even though he does not work there everyday anymore he still has his weekly column in the paper. This morning I got to talk to different people about their job, sit in at a news conference – basically, had the best time!

That same day we also got to see “Glenn McCrory`s international school of boxing”, wich was very fun. Glenn MCrory is a previous boxer, who won the world champion in 1989, and he now has his own gym. We got to chat with him, and to see him work. I have to  say that both me and mum developed a little crush.. – He was not just nice and charming you see, but also tall and big and had wonderful eyes. During this week Alistair also took us to a new opening, a design show. There I got to see some funny looking furniture, drink some nice wine, and I had a good night. All toghether our week in Newcastle could not have been any better, and besides experiening many great pubs and beers, we got to see an amazing city. I loved it.
Hanne Diana

Sounds like a great week! Please send us your personal tips, perhaps you have been pub crawling in another British city? And if you’re going to Oxford, make sure to try out their ultimate pub crawl, I sure did!

Have a Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all the best for 2010!

– Hanne –

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Win a trip to Sherlock Holmes’ England!

Danes, look this way!

Did you miss the competition where you could win movie tickets to the new Sherlock Holmes movie? Or did you just happen not to win? Well, then… have I got a treat for you!

Together with the Danish online magazine B.T., we’re now giving you a chance to win a four day trip to London and Manchester with activities in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes.

Sounds intriguing? Click here to compete before February 19 2010! And if you’re into fighting scenes, mysteries, good looking lads and English environments – Don’t forget to see the movie on christmas day. I saw it, and I loved it, for the obvious reasons stated above!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers! And good luck to you Danes!   

– Towe –

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