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a-ha Says Farewell to UK – Ending on a High Note

If you haven’t already heard the word on the street, I’m sorry to be the one to bring you the bad news. a-ha, one of the most famous bands Norway has ever seen with hit songs such as “Take on Me” and “Hunting High and Low”, are ending their 25-year career!

Their songs bring back good memories from the happy 80’s, not mention their “Take on Me” music video, that’s when I and probably thousands of other teenage girl got a major crush on Morten Harket.

Fortunately, a-ha are not one of those bands that just retire without saying proper goodbye to their fans. I’ve been ‘Hunting High and Low’ for tickets for their concerts in Oslo, but unfortunately they’re sold out! However, they seem to love the British fans and they will be performing at 10 different venues across UK! So I just have to realize that I’ll have to travel across the pond to see my favourite 80’s band perform for the last time – which I don’t mind, at all.

Tour dates, venues and where to buy tickets can be found here.


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