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Quirky Event of the Week – World Gravy Wrestling Championships

If you’re in Britain today and like food festivals and wrestling, the Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food & Culture might be the perfect place for you.

Since the festival started 5 years ago, the Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food & Culture has become one of Britain’s most popular food festivals with over 50,000 visitors. The festival offers gourmet food from all over the world. At the festival people can try pony trekking picnics, culinary canal cruises, champagne balloon flights, ale trails, see local singers, comedians, traditional Lancashire dancers and and watch the Knights of the kitchen Charity Cricket Match. But that’s not all. The festival is also home to the World Gravy Wrestling Championships where people dress up in funny clothing and wrestle each other of a pool filled with Lancashire Gravy. This year’s dress code is ‘Fancy’ and ‘Entertaining’ and Everyone can apply on a first come first served basis.

Tickets £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for children (£6 for family of 4) and can be bought at the entrance. So if you don’t have anything better to do today, head down to the Rose N Bowl in Rossendale, Lancashire for a full day of family fun. Click here to find the place on a map. But hurry, the games begin at 12 noon!

For further information, please visit their website:

– Towe


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Extreme sports, part III – Motorsports

In the previous episodes of Extreme sports in Britain we’ve been up in the air, and below sea level. Now it’s finally time for my own favourite extreme sport, and we’ll start off with my favourite vehicle – the dirt bike.

Motocross & Enduro
Britain’s shifting terrain is perfect for those who like to get an exhilarating experience in the dirt. There are a lot of MX tracks to practice your skills on throughout the UK like the 30 year old motocross circuit in Chippenham.

If you want to see Britain’s beautiful landscape and still feel the exhilarating speed on the back of a two-wheeled monster, Ride Adventure offers great off road tours in Wales.

To find more enduro tracks in Britain, click here.

Quadbike is much like a motorcycle but with four wheels instead of two. It’s much easier to manoeuvre and you only need a normal drivers licence to drive it. Try driving through tough terrain in Scotland’s wild-back country or in South West England.

4×4 – Offroad vehicles
Another great activity for off road enthusiast in Britain is 4×4 vehicles like jeeps and land rovers. There are many places around Britain where you can rent a Land Rover or jeep to go on organized tours with guides and different difficulty levels.

Read my first two parts of this guide, by clicking on the links below
Part I – Britain by Air
Part II – Down by the Riverside

Next week, I’ll be guiding you through the British mountains in my final episode of Extreme Sports in Britain so stay tuned!

– Towe

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Extreme Sports, part II – Down by the riverside

In my first episode about Extreme sports in Britain I told you where to go to get your adrenaline rush in the air. This week I’ll take you to the waterfront or maybe even under the sea.

There are a lot of excellent places to surf in Britain and even though it’s an old article, the Guardian’s guide to the top 10 surfing spots in the UK is a good way to start finding your way through all the great surfing spots out there.

Here are some more links to surfing in Britain:
The British Surfing Association
Surfing in Scotland
Surfing in Wales
Surfing in Cornwall
Surfing in North-East England

Diving might not be the first thing you think about when visiting Britain. But there are some really cool places to dive. You can try diving with an instructor or if you’re more advanced, try finding some of the ship wrecks on the British coast. On UK diving you’ll find everything you need to know about diving in Britain.

Canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting
Although England itself has few natural white water streams, there are still some outdoor centres that offer excellent artificially created rapids. One of them is National Water Sport Centre near Nottingham that also offers canoeing, kayaking and other water sports.

However, in both Wales and Scotland, you can find some natural white water streams where you can enjoy both white water rafting, and other water sports like the cool new sport called river bugging. Check out the video of a stag party trying out river bugging in Scotland below.

If you like extreme sports but prefer being on solid ground, read my next episode about motorsports in the UK. Until then…

– Towe

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Extreme sports, part I – Britain by air

I am a real outdoor person. I love doing things that gives me a huge adrenaline boost like riding my motocross. So it’s not hard to figure out that I am a huge fan of other extreme sports as well and because of the diversity in the British landscape, there are millions of possibilities for a holiday filled with extreme sports. In the following weeks I will give you my holiday ideas for those who like living on the edge, starting with extreme sports in the air.

There are many ways to experience Britain from above. My own personal favourite is skydiving that I tried myself for the first time in July this year!

Try skydiving, while safely attached to your instructor. Target SkySports arranges skydives in North Lincolnshire for both beginners and advanced divers.

When paragliding, the “pilot” is suspended in a harness below the wings and in comparison to skydiving, the paraglider starts by foot, usually from a height. But a paraglider can also start from a flat surface or by being towed behind a vehicle. Try paragliding in beautiful Wales or check out our list of places to paraglide in the UK here.

If you want to experience some of Britain’s beautiful Castles or other attractions throughout the UK, but you’re tired of doing the old sightseeing bus routine, maybe a Helicopter Tour is something for you. If you’d rather try flying the helicopter yourself, Active-8 in Cornwall offers training flights.

Hot air ballooning
If you get a kick out of being on high altitudes, but maybe don’t like the speed, hot air ballooning is the perfect thing. The balloon moves in a slow pace and let you feel the freedom and serenity on high altitude and let you see beautiful parts of Britain from above at the same time.

Next week, I’ll guide you through the jungle of water sports that you can try in Britain!


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Hampshire County- green, cosy, picturesque and close to London.

Just one hour drive from London this beautiful county will offer the best of England! If you are looking for the typical green, rolling hills, farms and small villages, you’ve come to the right county.

Start out in Farnham, a cosy market town with a small castle and one of England’s finest streets, the Castle Street, lined with beautiful Georgian buildings. Just outside the village is  a beautiful bird park, the Birdworld, with flamingos, talking parrots and strange birds.  Also visit the ruins of Waverley Abbey, Britain’s first Cistercian Abbey, dated back to 1128.

Heading south, take the A325 passing the RAF-camp of Bordon and then the tiny roads to the pretty, old town of Selborn. This small village of stone houses has a famous church (for what I don’t remember, but there’s the base of the 1400 year old yew tree in front of the church, that might have been the reason.) The village also host a tiny museum of the 18th century Natural Historian and ecologist Gilbert White. There’s a pottery, a nice pub – the Selborn Arms and a local store. No pictures are found, this is a place not many tourists visit and that’s just why you should go there!

From Selborn follow the B3006 and it will eventually lead you to Chawton, home of famous author Jane Austin during her last years. You can visit her house and have a cup of tea at Cassandra’s Cup, the Tea Room across the road.

Further on to New Alresford, a former stop for coaches driving between London and Southampton. Check out their antique shops and great pubs and take a walk along the famous watercress fields. You can search for more information about New Alresford previously on the blog.

Spend a good time in England’s first capital, Winchester. The grand cathedral is beautiful and has a good range of quality stores. Winchester has several famous boarding schools with Winchester College as the oldest continuously running school in England. Jane Austen is buried in the impressive cathedral and the town has several award-winning tea-rooms, gastro-pubs and restaurants. Try out the local pub, The Eclipse Inn at 25 the Square! Winchester also claims to have King Arthur’s Round Table on show. Stay in the old Mill YHA or enjoy some of the nice small hotels around.

If you’re a cricket fan, don’t miss the village of Hambledon near by. It says it’s the “cradle of cricket” and that the local Hambledon Cricket club in late 18th Century “raised the sport to an art” and formed the now known rules of the game.

A 10 min. drive away you’ll find Marwell Zoo with its snow-leopards, giraffes, tigers, monkeys and rare breads not found anywhere else. For the tiny ones there’s also a small fun fair.

So, buy yourself a good map, rent a car and start exploring the Hampshire County. You will not regret it!

Find Hamphire County on our Britain map.


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Pride Festivals in the UK

Here’s an overview over upcoming pride festivals throughout the UK. Make sure to put on your boogie shoes, your party hat and by all means bring your good mood and get ready for some energetic gay parades – UK style. Most of the pride festivals are free but I recommend you check their websites for more information.

Belfast Pride  24th – 31st July
This is Ireland’s biggest pride festival and the theme for this year is ‘Outer Space’. Run and buy a costume or even better – make your own outfit with tin foil. Belfast visitor information

Thanet Pride  24th of July
One day event in Kent with loads of fun including entertainment from “The Pride Icons & Legends Show”. Thanet visitor information

Huddersfield Pink Picninc 25th of July
Free pride festival in Yorkshire with live music, food and market stalls and much more. Don’t forget to bring your picnic basket. Huddersfield visitor information

Norwich Pride 31st of July
This will be the second Norwich Pride including dance demonstrations, a parade, speakers and lots of fun activities. Norwich visitor information

Nottingham Pride 31st of July
The only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) festival in Nottingham. This year’s programme include performance by The Dream Bears, The Cheeky Girls and many more. Nottingham visitor information

Brighton & Hove Pride Festival 31st of July – 8th of August
This festival last a week and the theme of the year is ‘Pride and (No) Prejudice’. Throughout the city there will be numerous of events such as a karaoke marathon, fundraising, family activities and so on. Brighton visitor information

If you can’t catch any of these pride festivals, please check out this website for later pride events across the UK.

What are you waiting for? Join the rainbow party!


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Quirky Event of the Week – Isle of Wight Garlic Festival

Each year the little island Isle of Wight, on the south coast of England is host to the world famous Isle of Wight Garlic Festival with arena entertainments hundreds of food stalls. At the huge Garlic Marquee you can try garlic beer, garlic fudge, garlic ice-cream and other delicatessens – everything with garlic flavour.

But even though garlic is the main ingredient, the festival has much more to offer. Try the award winning local lamb at one of the over hundred food stalls at the festival. You can also meet TITAN the Robot or watch one of the many acts on the main arena like the sheep dog trials, magic shows, acrobat acts, stunt artists or the talented pet shows. And when you feel up to it, grab a garlic beer and tap your toes at one of the many concerts at the great stage.

This year’s festival is on 14-15 August in Sandown on Isle of Wight and the festival area is open 10am – 6pm. For more information about the festival and how to get there, please visit The Garlic Festival website or view our Britain map for directions.

And while chewing on that last piece of garlic fudge, take the time to investigate the rest of the beautiful island. Here you can get inspired by some videos on what to do on the island.

For tourist information about Isle of Wight, please visit Isle of Wight Tourism.

– Towe

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