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Hanne is responsible for the Norwegian market online with the website, newsletters and campaigns. She's a 28 year old girl from Norway who has a passion for going to concerts and watching movies. After studying in Oxford for a year, she absolutely loves the city's atmosphere and has a great deal to share with you when it comes to finding the best pubs!

Our pub expert tells her story

Remember the pub expert competition we had in Norway a couple of months ago? Here, the winner, Hanne Diana, tells her story about her whole week of pub crawling in Newcastle:
My name is Hanne Diana, I am 22 years old and I was the lucky winner of the NewcastleGateshead “pubexpert” competition. Winning this competition meant I got to travel to Newcastle for one week, visit lots of pubs, and when I got home I would write a pubguide for other Norwegian tourists. Who would not want a job like that?! I was so happy to be the winner, and I also got to bring a person with me – To all my friends disbelief I chose to bring my mom! We had a GREAT week, and here is a little info on what we filled our days with:

There was so much action going on the seven days we were down there, but I think I will start by telling you a little bit about our very first day: We met up with our “guide” for the week – Alistair Gilmore: A lovely man originally from Scotland, but living in Newcastle. He has written three books about beer and food, and so I think it is safe to say that this man knows his beer! Our first beer of the day we cracked open at a pub called “The sun in”. The funny thing about this pub is that it takes you back to the early 1900s and 1800s, even the people who work there are wearing clothes from way back when, so obviously that made it quite a funny, and not to mention a very different experience. After this we got to visit this little local brewery called “The Stables”. This was my first time at a brewery so it was quite interesting, and not to mention I learned a lot about the production of beer. Coming out of there, of course – I felt like a beer expert (still do).

As this day went by we visited a lot of different pubs, both in the city centre as well as a couple ones outside town. I got to drink som great beer, experience some great pubs, and we met up with plenty of very nice people. It was a great day and I thought Newcastle was a lovely place to be. The following days we checked out some more pubs, tasted different beers, and saw more of Newcastle. Besides that we also got to do some other interesting things: Like visiting “The Journal”. “The Journal” is one of Newcastle’s biggest local newspapers and for me who wants to be a journalist this could not have been more ideal. Alistair used to work there as a journalist, and even though he does not work there everyday anymore he still has his weekly column in the paper. This morning I got to talk to different people about their job, sit in at a news conference – basically, had the best time!

That same day we also got to see “Glenn McCrory`s international school of boxing”, wich was very fun. Glenn MCrory is a previous boxer, who won the world champion in 1989, and he now has his own gym. We got to chat with him, and to see him work. I have to  say that both me and mum developed a little crush.. – He was not just nice and charming you see, but also tall and big and had wonderful eyes. During this week Alistair also took us to a new opening, a design show. There I got to see some funny looking furniture, drink some nice wine, and I had a good night. All toghether our week in Newcastle could not have been any better, and besides experiening many great pubs and beers, we got to see an amazing city. I loved it.
Hanne Diana

Sounds like a great week! Please send us your personal tips, perhaps you have been pub crawling in another British city? And if you’re going to Oxford, make sure to try out their ultimate pub crawl, I sure did!

Have a Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all the best for 2010!

– Hanne –

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‘The Quarter’ in Liverpool

My cousin Helle has lived in Liverpool for 3 years, and she’s got a great tip for you! Thanks for sharing!

– Hanne –

Liverpool’s ‘The Quarter’ is one of those cafe’s/ restaurants that seems to be perfect for every occasion, be it a quick coffee or a nice celebration meal. It has a relaxed and non-pretentious atmosphere, and is light and warm at the same time.

I was a very frequent customer when living in Liverpool, and it is the first place I go to when I’m visiting. The restaurant/cafe is located on a peaceful cobblestone street, Faulkner street, just off Hope Street (another lovely street with The Philharmonic Hall, many restaurants, hotels etc), but is a bit of a walk from the centre of Liverpool. However, if you’re going for a concert at the Philharmonic Hall it’s the perfect place for some food/drink before the show.

The food varies from pasta dishes (try the Chevre..), pizza’s (the garden pizza is great!), salads (nice Caesar salad), daily specials, and many delicious cakes.. The prices are good, pizzas from £5 to £8/pasta dishes from £6 to £9, so a good alternative for a gathering, or a “can’t be bother to cook” night. They also have a lovely breakfast menu, serving great coffees. Though I very rarely book a table, it might be wise to do so on Friday and Saturday nights. It can get a bit packed when there’s a show on. It’s open 8am – 11 pm weekdays, and 10am – 11 pm Saturdays/10.30pm Sundays. If you like the sound of this place and want to check out their menu, have a look at their website.

Hope you like it!

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Team of the week: Stoke

And now our ‘Team of the week’ posts are coming to an end.. Last team to be introduced is Stoke! This team  is from the city Stoke-on-Trent in West Midlands, right in the middle of Manchester and Birmingham. Stoke is known as the Potters and they play their home matches at Britannia Stadium.

The Danish football keeper Thomas Sørensen came from Aston Villa to Stoke in 2008. Sørensen plays an important role on the team and has saved penalties from Arsenal, Wigan and Portsmouth this season.

Traditionally the football matches on Boxing Day are played between local rivals. Stoke is playing Manchester City today – what do you think the score will be? And who will score the first goal?

Ryan Shawcross is playing defence and has been an essential player since he arrived in 2007. This young football player from Chester, scored in Stoke’s first match this season, helping the team win a 2-0 victory over Burnley.

You can read about all the Premier League teams in our previous ‘Team of the week’ here: Sunderland, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Burnley, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Hull City, Fulham, Bolton, Manchester United, Chelsea, Wigan, Blackburn, Manchester City, Everton, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa and Liverpool.

Are you planning to go to England and watch a Premier League match? Buy tickets here!

Thanks for following our ‘Team of the week’ this autumn! It’s been great fun writing these blogs!

Enjoy the rest of this festive season – both in Christmas terms and when it comes to football!

– Hanne –

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Win tickets to Sherlock Holmes!

Now you have the opportunity to win cinema tickets to the new Sherlock Holmes film! Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock himself and Jude Law as Dr. Watson – this is definitely a film well worth seeing!

Check out our 4 campaign sites and try to win tickets to Sherlock Holmes:

Are you planning to see the new Sherlock Holmes film? Vote on our poll of the month to your right!

Best of luck!
– Hanne –


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Team of the week: Arsenal

Our team this week is Arsenal, also known as ‘The Gunners’. The team from Holloway, Islington in the Northern parts of London plays their home matches at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal currently holds the third place this season, but their ambition is to take it all the way to the top. It’s been 6 seasons since their last Premier League title, will they win again this year?

Arsenal’s manager Arsène Wenger has quite astonishingly led the team since 1996 and the match tomorrow against Liverpool is his 500. League match. Wenger was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2006 because of his achievements as a manager in the English game.

Arsenal has had problems with injured players this season. Danish player Nicklas Bendtner has played for Arsenal since 2004 and scored 9 goals for the Gunners last season. His currently out with an inguinal hernia and is expected back in 4 weeks. With Bendtner and van Persie out, Vela and Eduardo have not been given the chance. Instead Wenger put Arsjavin up front, so it will be exciting to see how this works out in tomorrow’s match. As some of you might remember, Arsjavin scored 4 goals against Liverpool at Anfield last season.

Are you planning to see a Premier League match? Buy tickets here!
And while visiting London, check out what else you should see.

Read more about your team here in our previous Team of the week: Tottenham, West Ham, Burnley, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Hull City, Fulham, Bolton, Manchester United, Chelsea, Wigan, Blackburn, Manchester City, Everton, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa and Liverpool.

Enjoy this weekend’s Premier League matches!

– Hanne –

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Norwegian bloggers – win a trip to Aberdeen!

Are you a Norwegian blogger with dreams of becoming the next big travel writer? Do you have a sense of adventure, like to travel and then tell all of your friends and family about your experiences once you’re back home? If so, then what are you waiting for?  Get blogging!

VisitScotland is calling all Norwegian bloggers to put their skills to use to win a 3 night Scotland trip to Aberdeen and surrounds to become the national tourist board’s ‘Aberdeen and Shire blogger’.  

So if you’re a social networking enthusiast with a passion for prose, take to your keyboard and say in no more than 30 words, why you should win a trip to become our Aberdeen City and Shire blogger.  Not only do you win a trip to Scotland with Eastern Airways, but we want you to write a blog about your adventures on your return, where you will be given a guest spot on Mind The Gap during April for you to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

So if you think you have what it takes to become our winning blogger, you and a companion of your choice can enjoy a 3 night stay in Aberdeen’s Jury’ Inn which is only a short walk to the shops where you can spend your shopping discount vouchers.  You will also get an Avis rental car and a National Trust Scotland pass so you can drive around and visit all the gardens of stunning properties like Craigievar or Fyvie Castle. For more information on Aberdeen City and Shire and to double your chances to win a trip to Aberdeen, please click here.

The winner will be selected on 31st January 2010 and the prize must be taken by 31st March 2010.  By taking part, the winner agrees to blog in no less than 400 words about their trip on Mind The Gap by 31st April 2010. 

By entering your 30 words below in the comments box, you agree to our terms and conditions which can be viewed here. Remember to sign your comment with your full name and the city you live in.

The best of luck to all you Norwegian bloggers out there!

– Hanne –


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Team of the week: West Ham

This week it’s West Ham’s turn! The team from Newham in the Eastern parts of London plays their home matches at Boleyn Ground in Upton Park. West Ham United is also known as the Hammers and the Irons. Robert Green, their keeper, has been an important player at West Ham for the last three years and this man is also very good at saving penalty kicks.

Last season, West Ham came 9th on the table. For the 2009/2010 season, the Hammers haven’t been off to a very good start and are now in 17th place. This season, West Ham has bought these new players: Jimenez, Kurucz, Ilunga, Faubert and Davenport. Do you think the team’s new members will get the team higher up the table?

Gianfranco Zola is their manager and he came to the club September last year. Zola was a legendary football player at Chelsea between 1996 and 2003. In 2003, Zola was voted as the best Chelsea player ever, by Chelsea fans.

West Ham is playing Burnley tomorrow at Boleyn Ground in Upton Park. Who do you think will score the first goal?

Buy Premier League tickets here
If you’re going to London in December, check out these Christmas markets

Do you want to read more about your favourite team? Burnley, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Hull City, Fulham, Bolton, Manchester United, Chelsea, Wigan, Blackburn, Manchester City, Everton, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa and Liverpool.

– Hanne –

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