Year of the Rabbit and Crispy Duck

Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rabbit and falls on the 3rd February this year! If you want to take part, major celebrations are around Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Chinatown, being the largest celebration outside Asia! Fireworks, music, Chinese dragons, lions and Chinese acrobatics…visit London town’s website for further information.

While you’re there (and if you love authentic Chinese food!)  then Chinatown is the place to be, with flavours you can’t find elsewhere!

Almost 80 restaurants fill the lively and vibrant area and one of my particular favourites is the first restaurant you come to on the corner of Gerrard Street, “Gerrard’s Corner”.

Try their crispy duck…finely sliced duck (done at the table in no time!!) put in a sort of pancake along with finely sliced cucumber, spring onion and sauce. Fold it all together and enjoy! It might sounds strange but it is something different to what we are offered at most Chinese restaurants in Sweden!

There is also an exhibition on at the moment until February 27th at  the Victoria and Albert Museum: “Imperial Chinese Robes From The Forbidden City”, here you can see robes worn by emperors and empresses of the Qing Dynasty, the last ruling dynasty of China will be on display for the first time in Europe. Admission is only £5 and more information can be found here.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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