Merry Christmas from Mind the Gap

London Eye in winter time

London Eye in winter time

Hello dear reader. With just a couple of days left until Christmas Eve, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thank you for following us and reading our posts during the last year. We promise to be back after Christmas with more hints and tips about our favourite country – Britain.

Here is some reading material for you who are going to Britain soon:

London in January = SALE
London Christmas Shopping Guide
Winter in Manchester

And last, but not least, a Christmas card from VisitBritain to all of you!

Best regards

/Carl, Gary, Helene, Jackie, Jette, Kim, Siska, Towe and Åsa



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4 responses to “Merry Christmas from Mind the Gap

  1. annamaria

    Wonderful Xmas wishes!!! Thank you!

  2. Charlotte JT

    Thanks for the lovely card….Merry Christmas Britain!!!!!!

  3. Gary Banham

    Two partidges in a pear tree. But I love mind the gap. I almost wish I was there with my snow shovel, seriously. People are laughing here and thats rude. Wait a minute Canadians are not rude. Smug..for now. No matter, my Mum etc is cold. Drive carefully and have a lovely XMas.

  4. Gary Banham

    At Christmas these days I miss my family who live in Tunbridge Wells. I have not visited since 2008. I’m getting maudlin now, which I hate. Bad rap about Heathrow…not proud of that.

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