The Land of Exotic Animal Crossings?

Fun fact. Working with British as a second language, you often learn new words when translating texts or exploring topics to write about for the blog or the homepage. One of those words I happened to come across at some point is the peculiar word pelican crossing. What is it, I asked myself and started searching the net for advice. A pelican crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing with traffic lights and a push button with two coloured lamps.

But if you think that’s a funny name for it, you should continue reading, because the big white bird is not the only exotic animal that named a crossing in Britain. Listen to this – In the UK you can find a Zebra crossing (the most common type of crossing, usually without control signals), a panda crossing (signal-controlled crossing which was only in use during the 60s), a puffin crossing (signal-controlled crossing with sensors), a tiger crossing (crossing painted black and yellow with middle field for bicycles), a toucan crossing (crossing for pedestrians and bicycles) and last but not least a Pegasus crossing (for pedestrians, bicycles and horses). Ok, I admit, Pegasus is not an exotic animal; it’s more of a fantasy creature. But the Brits chose to name a crossing after it anyway so I guess it qualifies. And I think it’s quite a cute way to make something fun out of something as boring as pedestrian crossings. Don’t you think?

– Towe

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Kathy

    As a Brit living and working in Germany I’m learning odd German saying which of course leads me to think of names and sayings in English that are far from logical.

    If I say to a German “Put wood in the hole” – a very northern English saying – he has no idea I want him to close the door. However I recently read the washing instructions for a new jacket I’d bought, “Wash from the left” meaning to turn inside out before washing.

    If a German tells you “You go on my cookies” you are annoying him!

    However we Brits; find our feet; kick the bucket; make no bones about it; go out on a limb; pull the plug; smell something fishy; put the pedal to the metal and even lean our ears!

    I could go on until the cows come home or I run our of steam. Language learning is such fun in these situations.

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