Poll: What is most important when choosing a destination?

We are always curious to find out what triggers people to go to Britain. Are you keener to choose a destination because of the price or is the destination itself more important, regardless what it costs? Maybe you don’t like cold weather or prefer hotels with high standard? Reasons for choosing a specific destination are very personal,  so the question for this Poll of the Month is:

What is most important when choosing a vacation destination?

To vote, click on your preferred choice in the right-hand menu and then press [vote].


Which category did you want us to write more about?

Last month we wanted to find out what you readers thought we should write more about and there were three topics that stood out from the rest:

Attractions & Culture               25 %
Nature & heritage                      16 %
Food & Drink                               15 %

So thank you all for voting, we will try to accommodate your wishes in the coming blog posts.

– Towe


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6 responses to “Poll: What is most important when choosing a destination?

  1. Jerry Witz

    Given the title here, this may sound like an advert, but I would have to say safe, efficient transport. I live in the US (Minneapolis, MN to be more precise) and we have so much to learn when it comes to moving people.
    Kudos to Londons transit system and Paris also!

  2. antonella

    When i think about a long or short break, London is always on my mind. It doesn’t matter where to sleep or what to eat, what counts is the dream it always gives me; each time different, spectacular and fascinating!
    It brings me back to my memories when i was a young girl and i used to pass my summer there.
    It gives me new dreams each time i come.
    Isn’t it love at first sight?
    What should i expect more from a journey?
    Money come and money go…….for everything in life. I could never choose a place instead of an other just for “prizes or best….”.

  3. Maryann

    I just love England, and when I have to leave it after a vaccation it’s a feeling like leaving “my” land, “my” people, “my” language

  4. Not necessarily in order of importance:
    Reasonable comfort (Even the best places can be temporarily uncomfortable!).
    Sightseeing and attractions, whether natural or historical- or just fun.
    Cost- and this is hard to define, because some things can be expensive and still be completely worth it.

  5. Rebecca

    I love the weather over in the UK – so much cooler than Western Australia. The pubs are excellent in the UK.

  6. Britannia

    I’ve been to London because it’s London.
    I would be there again with same reasons. 🙂

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