Get Spooked – See The Most Haunted Places in UK

Haunted, Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh | Photo by Minniemunkie

It is that time of the year again, when people dress up in costumes and the ghosts step out of their dark hide-holes. I’m a sucker for Halloween, so here’s my treat to you – I dare you to visit one or, if you’re a daredevil, all of these 10 haunted places in UK and get your adrenaline pumping and heart beating faster!

  1. Highgate Cemetery, London
    Lurk around and see if you can find Karl Marx’s gravestone. If you believe in ghosts, maybe you’ll find Marx’s ghost between the headless angles and the tombs.
  2. Borley Rectory, Essex
    This is known as the best haunted house throughout England and has a bloody history that stretches back to a love affair between a nun and a monk in the 1300s.
  3. Pendle Hill, Lancashire
    Pendle Hill has a history going back to the witch hunt. In 1612, 10 witches were hanged here and they continue to haunt the place.
  4. Red Lion, Avebury
    The Red Lion is a pub that’s over 400 years old and where the ghosts come as often as guests. Drink your pint at your own risk!
  5. Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh
    The castle dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period. There have been countless sightings of Green Jane, Bamburgh’s ghost. A young woman carrying a bundle in her arms which is believed to be a baby is seen walking down the steep steps of the clock tower.
  6. Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland
    Dating back to the 12th Century, the hotel was originally the guest house and kitchens for Blanchland Abbey and is haunted by the Ghost of Dorothy Forster, niece to the Bishop of Durham and Lady Crewe and sister to Tom Forster who plotted the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion.
  7. Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh
    Reputedly haunted by the restless spirit of the notorious ‘Bloody’ George Mackenzie buried there in 1691. The ‘Mackenzie Poltergeist’ is said to cause bruising, bites and cuts on those who come into contact with it and many visitors have reported feeling strange sensations.
  8. Culloden Moor, Inverness
    The last battle fought on British soil took place here on the 16th April 1746. The massacre led to many troubled souls, and on this day every single year you can still hear the echoes of screams there.
  9. Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Wales
    The manor dates back to the bloody civil war that was fought here in the 1600s and there are numerous of restless ghosts to be spotted here. Visitors have experienced frightening things in every rooms, corridors and staircases.
  10. Berry Pomeroy Castle, England
    Built in the 1500s and its haunted by two female ghosts; the White Lady and the Blue Lady. According to legend the Blue Lady tries to lure visitors into parts of the ruins – we advise you not to follow her!

You can also read more about haunted places in Britain here.

Happy Halloween!




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2 responses to “Get Spooked – See The Most Haunted Places in UK

  1. Stig Myklebust


    Re 3 (Pendle Hill, Lancashire):

    You should perhaps change 10 witches “was” to “were”… Or are you perhaps bewitched?



  2. siskasol

    Hi Stig!
    Well spotted! I must have been affected by the full moon or maybe the witches from Pendle Hill cast a spell over me!?


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