Primark Passion

Here are our baragins of the day © Jackie EhrlingWhen in London I HAVE to bargain hunt at Primark!

Jessica (my 18 year old daughter) and I knew a plan was needed for this shopping adventure (as we had very little time!)

1. Leave dad at hotel / pub 17:02

2. Run for bus with oystercard in hand, jump onto first available going towards Marble Arch 17:08

3. Arrive at Primark, grab a shopping bag at the entrance 17:15

4. Fight the crowds, bit like dodger cars at Gröna Lund, hearing  “sorry” from polite customers all around, as we bump into one another.

5. Mum (me!) starts joining the long queue for checkout 17:30, throwing in some socks ( always by cashiers ) well £2 for 5 pairs who wouldn’t! Whilst Jessie continues her journey round the store for any other purchases ?

6. Queue moving fast and by 17:40 we’re at the cashiers and paying  £20 for our goods, well satisfied and exhausted!

Total time spent 38 minutes.

Fact information.
> Find Primark on our Britain Map

> Primark Clothes Store
> Oystercard information


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