Damn good coffee!

After my dad had been on my back about it for a while, I finally started watching the classic tv crime series Twin Peaks a few weeks ago. I never watched it on it’s first tv run (possibly because I was 7 years old back then) and it is just, for lack of a better word, fantastic. The eccentric FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper has become a favorite of mine, particularly his unpredictable changes of conversation – from the really brutal and serious matters in his work to the utterly trivial, like the “damn good coffee” that he takes “black as midnight on a moonless night” or the “fantastic trees” they have growing up in Washington. David Lynch really did succeed in combining humour and thriller in a very unique way.

Have you, like me, rediscovered this beautifully bizarre tv series? Or would you like to? Then you will fancy this:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first UK broadcast of Twin Peaks. To celebrate, the Battersea Arts Centre in London presents a weekend-long programme of theatre and film inspired by the series – including a 32 hour all-nighter cinema screening of all episodes in the Grand Hall!

The event will take place on 23-24 October, read more about it here. It seems to be sold out at the moment but keep an eye on it – sometimes you can get hold of tickets closer to the event. You need to bring your own pillow to sit on but don’t worry, cherry pie and coffee “black as midnight on a moonless night” will of course be served. Find your way to Battersea Arts Centre with our Britain Map.



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One response to “Damn good coffee!

  1. Roberta

    I liked the first part of the series, but then it became too oniric, and going back with my memory I can’t remember who or what really killed poor Laura Palmer…I guess it wasn’t that clear in the end…

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