Pernilla Wahlgren’s favourite London

Glamour, a love for fashion, shoes, good food – and a passion for London.

I asked Swedish superstar Pernilla Wahlgren to tell us about her top experiences in the city, her favourite British brands and to share some of her great travel experiences from the past!

Q: What inspires you to go to London? I really love London for the great shopping , the fantastic restaurants and hotels, and of course for all the musicals you can see there!

Q: Who is your favourite British designer: Stella McCartney

Q: Favourite British brand: Habitat

Q: Favourite British film: Notting Hill

Q: Favourite British actor/actress: Hugh Grant

Q: Favourite British TV series: X-factor

Q: Favourite British pop band: Coldplay

Q: I never travel without .. ? A cosy pillow for the flight. Good hair products, my facial creams and make-up!

Q: Your craziest memory of London? When I went to Stock Atkin Waterman’s Christmas party in the 80’s. All their record artists were invited and I didn’t know anyone but was sitting at the same table as Rick Astley and Bananarama!

Q: Your best travel experience ever: My first shopping trip to London with my best friend in the eighties! We really shopped till we dropped…!  (The images from Pernilla’s private album tells you the story!).

The first time I went to Thailand was magic!

Q: Your worst travel experience: When I was in New York for the first time I almost missed my plane home , because I were shopping and forgot the time completely!!

And dear readers, please come back tomorrow and I will tell you about Pernilla’s top five tips for London.

In the meanwhile, you can also have a look at Pernillas Värld.

Bye for now.


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