We proudly present our new blog name!

Earlier this Summer, we asked for your help to come up with a new name for our blog. The verdict is now – finally – in. This has been a long and difficult decision. We’ve received over 2oo suggestions and it has not been an easy task to just pick one name – we’ve read them several times. There were many great suggestions but as always, there can only be one winner. We are proud to announce that Christina’s submission Britain by Heart will be our new blog name!

The jury found the name to reflect our core values, which is to be inspiring, inviting, friendly and warm. It also covers all of Britain in a way that Mind the Gap, a very London related expression, did not. Finally, the name also connects well with our Facebook group “LoveUK”. And we do of course know Britain by heart!

In addition to all the honour and glory received for giving us our new blog name, Christina has also won a £100 gift certificate from Amazon.com. Congratulations!

We will now work on giving our blog a new look to go with the new name, so please check back here soon again! To all of you who have submitted a blog name suggestion, thank you for participating and of course your patience!



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6 responses to “We proudly present our new blog name!

  1. Marina

    It is a beautiful name!! Congratulations Christina!!

  2. I’m honored, and thank you so much for picking my suggestion!

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  4. Great name – I live in the Heart of England and it is a very emotive title : )

  5. Cat

    Well deserved, Christina, it’s a brilliant name:)

  6. Siska

    Remember when we asked you to help us come up with a new name? Well, we’re starting off 2011 with a new blog and name. From now on our name is Britain by Heart and you can find us on http://www.britainbyheart.com

    Hope you like our new blog!

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