10 days to the Premier League 10/11

Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe

Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe

I’m excited. Very excited. It’s a bit silly actually, I watched more or less every minute of this summer’s World Cup but I am still hungrier for football than I’ve ever been. And today it is no more than ten days left until the start of the Premier League 2010/11!

As a Tottenham Hotspur fan, last season proved to be the season when “it” finally happened. We took advantage of Liverpool’s dismal season and broke into the top four of the table. This may not sound like an “it” big enough to celebrate but if you have been supporting Spurs for the majority of your life, watching them disappoint and being ridiculed time and time again, then this certainly was a milestone occasion.

Francesc Fabregas, Arsenal FC

Francesc Fabregas

As I wrote back in May, this may not mean more than that they get a shot at getting beaten in the Champions League qualifying rounds by the likes of Ajax, Porto and Lyon in a couple of week’s time, but it is still proof that it is possible to challenge the big four (Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool) in the race for those four attractive Champions League places. And if they go through to the group stages, that means big games, big money and big honours. And if they go through to the knock-out stages, who knows how far they can go? (I really sound like a classic overoptimistic Spurs supporter, do I not?)

Regardless, I certainly will be watching Tottenham – Manchester City at 12:45 GMT on the 14:th of August and I recommend you to do so too – it truly will be exciting!

I also thought I would predict the outcome of new season but it is way too early for that now. Will Fabregas stay at Arsenal? Will Mascherano leave Liverpool? Is Kaka going to Chelsea? Check back here on the 12:th-13:th for my Premier League predictions and let me know what you think yourself!

For now: Come On You Spurs!


Go to our Premier League site to watch player interviews, get more information on the teams and how to get tickets to the games. Click here!

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