Pout your Lips and Get Ready for London Kiss Party

Join London’s biggest kiss to the world on 28th of July at Potters Fields Park. The London Kiss Party is open for everyone regardless if you’re young or old, gay or straight, in a relationship or single, or just want a kiss and have fun. The event is free and there will also be entertainment from Gulity Pleasures and Moshi Moshi.

The Kiss Party originated in Barcelona by the Spanish street wear brand Desigual. The event was such a hit that they decided to go on tour to Paris, Berlin, Madrid and of course to London. Go get your ticket and a free t-shirt at the Desigual shop in Regent Street or Westfield. More information about London Kiss Party and tickets can be found here.

Don’t be shy, come to the party and kiss your lover, friend, or if you’re the adventurous type of person kiss a stranger, you never know – he or she might be the love of your life. This could also be a good excuse for you to steal a kiss from someone special that you have a crush on.

Happy kissing and remember to bring your lip balm so you don’t get sore lips!

Find Potters Fields Park on our map.



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