Quirky Event of the Week – Battle Scarecrow Festival

Ever wondered what a tiny town full of scarecrows would look like? Well, wonder no more. Every year in July, the annual Scarecrow Festival takes place in Battle, East Sussex.

Between 2nd and 25th of July more than 40 larger-than-life scarecrows will be set out all around Battle. Every year there’s an new festival theme, and this year it’s ‘Market Day’. The townspeople of this little historic town on England’s south coast use recycled materials to build their scarecrows with. Visitors to the festival can also vote on their favourite scarecrow.

History of Battle
The little town of Battle got its name from the Battle of Hastings, when William, Duke of Normandy defeated the English King Harold in 1066. To celebrate the victory, he founded an abbey on the site and a town gradually grew around it. The Georgian and medieval cottages in the historic town centre remains to this day and makes it a spectacular place to visit, not only for the scarecrow festival. For example, if you like walking, take the beautiful 1066 Country Walk between Pevensey Castle and Rye, Battle will be the city right in the middle of the 50km long historic walk.

So if you’re in south of England in July, and you like history, beautiful scenery and scarecrows – flap down to Battle, find a comfy lamp post or a roof to land on and watch the scary looking people made of hay from above. Or just take a car, if you’d like.

For further information on South East England, please visit www.visitsoutheastengland.com
Find your way to Battle with our Britain Map.

– Towe



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2 responses to “Quirky Event of the Week – Battle Scarecrow Festival

  1. Barbara Simons

    They have one in June in Suffolk England too .It’s pretty amazing to see the Scarecrows,I saw an outstanding one of Micheal Jackson,seeing is believing what people think of doing.

  2. Antony May

    I went to this on the 17th and had a fabulous time. Loved Worzel Gummidge as a kid and this really took me back to those days. The scarecrows were all over the town and many of them were really well done. A colourful and cheery event – just the ticket in today’s times of cut backs and unemployment.

    Well done to all in Battle.

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