Travel Guide for Families – Edinburgh

If you’re travelling to Edinburgh with children there are plenty of things to see and do. Here are a couple of our recommendations for families travelling to Edinburgh.

Scottish Seabird Centre
Bring the family to the Scottish Seabird Centre and experience the wild life up close – go on a boat safari and watch the seabirds and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Traquair Maze
Find your way to the centre in one of Scotland’s biggest mazes! If you’re here during Easter, bring your kids to the annual “Easter Egg Hunt” and look for the eggs scattered around in the maze. In front of the maze is the Traquair House – the oldest inhabited house in Scotland which used to be a hunting lodge for the kings and queens.

The Adventure Centre
Don’t let the weather control your family vacation in Edinburgh. If it’s raining, visit the Adventure Centre and go family climbing or maybe try archery?

Museum of Childhood
This is definitely something for the children, as well for the parents. Best of all – the Museum of Childhood has free admission! Here you can look at toys and games from all over the world, learn about the history of childhood, listen to storytelling’s, see how children were dressed in the past and much more.

Almond Valley Heritage Centre
Say hello to the ducks, pet the rabbits, play with the piglets, jump on the trampoline and learn how they milk a cow! Enjoy a family day with different animals and other fun activities at Almond Valley Heritage Centre.

Food for the whole family
Have your family dinner at The Bridge Inn right next to the Union Canal. While the grown-ups are talking, the kids can expand their artistic skills by drawing a picture to the restaurants art wall. If they get tired of sketching they’re welcome to play in the garden!

Eat your dessert at S. Luca’s and indulge in one of the best traditional ice creams in Edinburgh.

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Have a nice family vacation in Edinburgh!


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