Put on your beer goggles…

… and experience a real British beer festival and taste some local brewed ales, ciders and much more. Here’s a couple of upcoming beer festivals I would love to visit.

The Great British Beer Festival by Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) at Earls Court in London is your chance to taste 450 real ales, ciders and beers from around the world. This is going to be the 4th festival and are expected to get plenty of visitors from all around the world. The Great British Beer Festival starts the 3rd – 7th of august.

At the Scottish Real Ale Festival in Edinburgh, 24th – 26th of June, you can sip local Scottish beer from over 30 breweries such as Belhaven, Inveralmond and Stewart brewing. Also, you’ll get to enjoy some great music by The Diplomats of Jazz or maybe listen to the Caledonian Brewery Pipe Band.

Dentdale Music & Beer Festival, 25th – 27th of June, showcase cask ales from Cumbria, Northern England and Scotland. It’s confirmed that several artists like Sarah Gillespie, The Urban Folk Quartet and Johnny Dickinson will be performing while you’re drinking some of the finest ales.

In Sussex, there’s the Eastbourne Beer Festival during the 7th – 9th of October. There will be over 120 cask ales, wines, ciders, international bottled beers and much more. To give the festival an authentic pub atmosphere, there will be plenty of pub games and live entertainment like blues, jazz, folk music and performance by the band, Oompah Brass.

The Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival,  14th to 15th of October,  offers over 500 ales and ciders. There will also be something for everyone with lots of entertainment, great food and music. While you’re in Nottingham, make sure to experience Robin Hood’s world.



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