Scottish kilts – the most popular clothing

Next time you’re travelling to Scotland make sure to buy a real Scottish kilt. Not only do many women find men in kilt very attractive – it’s also trendy according to a survey conducted by

The kilt has a rich history and is a symbol for Scotland, and it’s not to my surprise that it has also become the world’s most popular traditional clothing. I’ve found some great kilt-specialists’ in Scotland where you can either get a custom made or ready made kilt.

Highland Dress
– Offers kilts of high quality. You can choose among many colours, exciting patterns and great garments.

21st Century Kilts in Edinburgh
– Designer Howie Nicolsby uses the latest material and he has modernised the traditional kilt. Howie has provided celebrities like Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Robbie Williams and Madonna with kilts.

Geoffrey Tailor Kiltmakers
– Here you’ll find highland dresses, accessories and tartan design. In addition, they sell tartan blankets, jewellery, Edinburgh Crystal, knitted garments and other gift items of high quality.

Kinloch Anderson
– Has a wide selection of almost everything you could possibly need, whether you’re looking for kilts, vests, jackets or accessories. Each kilt is tailored to your preferences.




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3 responses to “Scottish kilts – the most popular clothing

  1. Ruth Croft

    For hunks in kilts, maybe have a look here ladies: – although the competition is now closed, you can still check out the legs!

  2. jakub strnad

    Could you pls. Send me the paper catallog with pricelist to my adress down.
    I would like to by some products of you.
    Thank you.

  3. Siska

    The best way to receive a catalogue is to ask the kilt-specialists’. Click on the blue links in the blog post and you’ll be redirected to their homepage and you can find their contact information there.

    I hope you’ll find the kilt you’re looking for!


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