New blog name still wanted!

What would YOU like to name our blog?  The person who comes up with the best suggestion wins a £100 gift certificate at!

A few weeks ago we we asked you to think of a new name for the Nordic VisitBritain blog. Until now it has been called “Mind The Gap”, but since there are many other blogs and sites called that, we are changing it. We want to stand out!

So far we have received hundreds of name suggestions (thank you all ever so much for your creative thinking and hard work – we love the enthusiasm!). We would like to have a list of ten alternatives to let the jury choose from and so far we have six alternatives we really like:

1. Albion Happenings
2. Brit-Bits
3. Look Right
4. Looks Like Rain
5. Tea Time
6. Ticket to Ride
7. –
8. –
9. –
10. –

Do you think you have a better name for our blog than any of these six? Please write your suggestion and e-mail in the comment field of this blog post. The competition is open until Sunday the 20:th of June 2010.

Thanks for your help!



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39 responses to “New blog name still wanted!

  1. I would like to keep it short and simple, and rememberable:
    Love Britain, Britain by heart

  2. chiara

    I suggest LONDON STONE

    Chiara (Genoa, Italy)

  3. Corinna

    hi, stealing Bill Bryson’s title for his travel book about GB, how about ‘Notes From A Small Island’.

    I like it because it sums up British self-depreciation – we are just a small, dark, wet island off the coast of Europe- but also hints at how Britain’s cuture hits well above its weight relative to its modest size

  4. Maureen Cummin

    Unique UK

  5. Isabelle LALOUANI

    Hi everybody,
    A little suggestion from France:

    What’s up, Brits?

  6. Philippa Eleptico


    Should be something nice, simple and relevant to the Nordics.

    ‘Vikings Love Storbritannia’

  7. English Meadows or London Bridge or The Queen and I or London; Queen-dom

  8. How about

    Bangers and mash

  9. Jo

    Jammy Dodgers!

  10. Laurie

    What about “Britain rocks” ?

    ‘Cause it really does !!! ;o)

  11. How about simply……

    RED WHITE & BLUE …..!

  12. How about –


  13. aud


    May I suggest :

    Brew Britannia

    Of Teabags and Scones

  14. Loot and Land
    Wolf among Sheep
    Steersman’s Landing
    Skirt – Sky and Skin
    Thorpe – Thwaite – Toft

  15. Marina Reinders

    Tea Dreams

  16. Anna


  17. A greeting I hear wherever I travel in Britain…..

    ‘ello, ‘ello!

    No one ever seems to elicit the “h’s” when using this greeting!

  18. Kristian

    ❤ UK

  19. how about ‘union gap” ? or ‘Jacks pratts’ ?

  20. should have been ‘Jacks Spratts’?

  21. new name suggestions:

    1. Hitish
    2. Brightish
    3. Great Visit

  22. cora

    Big Ben Blog

    Jewel of Britz

  23. Pam Zanelli


  24. Joan Wilson

    How do you like: Jolly Brolly!

  25. Jesper Bærentzen

    right, left and right (…when crossing and britons driving the “wrong” side)
    come on over (… just to indicate the it’s and island)

  26. Yadira

    Have already written these suggestions in your Fb thread:
    1. Britime
    2. Double-decker
    3. Britting
    and I’ll add a new one: Britme!

  27. Yrsa Moegelvang

    What- where- when- in britain

  28. Yasmin

    Suedes in Tweeds

  29. Yadira

    What’s the winner name? We want to know! 🙂

  30. Towe

    Hi Yadira,

    Thanks for the interest and curiosity in our quest for a new name. We are revising the suggestions as we speak, and will publish the new name once we’ve decided which one we like best.

    Until then, hope you have a great summer.


  31. Marina

    Hello ! I am curious too !!! Have you already decided for a new name ? Do you let us know when you have ?
    Thank you !!

  32. Towe

    Hi Marina!

    Thank you for the curiosity. We are exited to find a new name as well. This has taken a bit longer than we originally planned because of the vacation time. But we will get back to you as soon as we’ve decided the new name for the blog.


  33. siskasol

    We proudly present our new blog name.

    We hope you like it as much as we do.


  34. Siska

    Remember when we asked you to help us come up with a new name? Well, we’re starting off 2011 with a new blog and name. From now on our name is Britain by Heart and you can find us on

    Hope you like our new blog!

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