Go you Red and Whites!!

The World Cup starts today! But Scandinavia has poor representation this year. Only Denmark qualified. And even though we have quite a tough group this year, I have a lot of confidence in our boys!

And for those Swedes who would like to remember what it’s like competing for the World Cup, SVT had a TV-marathon of all great moments in Swedish world cup history last night, but everything can be seen again during the whole World Cup on SVT Play. 

So let the games begin…

The first game in the tournament is between the hosting nation South Africa and Mexico at 16.00 (GMT+1) today. England will be playing their first game against USA on Saturday 12 June at 20.30 but us Danes have to wait until Monday 14 June 13:30 when we play our first game against the Netherlands.

Check out the schedule for the Danish and British games below (or click here for full timetable):

Group C
12 June 20:30 England – USA
18 June 20:30 England – Algeria
23 June 16:00 Slovenia – England

Group E
14 June 13:30 Netherlands – Denmark
19 June 20:30 Cameroon – Denmark
24 June 20:30 Denmark – Japan

For those of you living in Denmark there is a lot of places to see the World Cup on big screens and tonight Politiken holds a big World Cup party on Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen with big screens, live bands and other festivities. I for one, will be celebrating from my car on my way down south tonight. And at some point I might even roll down my window and shout – Go you red and whites!!

– Towe



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3 responses to “Go you Red and Whites!!

  1. ivan

    scandinavia is a winner by far without being included in the cup!

  2. Well, since Sweden isn´t playing this year I might aswell wish you good luck ^^

  3. Towe

    Thank you, Budgetresande! We’ll hope for the best.

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