What’s happening in Manchester?

If you’re travelling to Manchester and don’t know what to do, check out VisitManchester.com. They just launched a new website – giving you up to date information about what’s happening in Manchester.

The cool thing about their website, is that you can share your travel experience or inside information with other people who want to travel to Manchester. Share everything, from where you can eat a delicious meal and not using a fortune to nice pictures. The new website collects the latest and relevant information about Manchester from social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other sources which they present in an innovative way. For instance, I noticed that the website does not have any pages – you just scroll up and down.



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  1. ariane



    This summer finally life is going to be a beach in the heart of Manchester! It is never been so pleasant to watch your favourite football teams playing in the biggest sporting event in the world.
    From the 12 of June all the attention will be directed to the opening of the World Cup 2010 !
    SANKEYS, voted world’s number one club 2010, will be hosting all the English and Brazilian games of the tournament!
    The club is prepared to receive the crowd: there are 3 different rooms for people to enjoy and relax.
    First and main one is the MANCHESTER BEACH. More than 20 tonnes of sand were imported from the Bahamas to create this lively urban beach on the side of SANKEYS. There is also a shower to refresh and the ambient will be completed with a Jacuzzi for those wanting to cool down while watching the games!
    Place is furnished with the best garden furniture from HABITAT, there is also an outside bar and we will have barbecue too!
    The inside area has a huge cinema, the best digital sound system ever, the trendiest bar in town and capacity for 350 people.
    We also have the Lounge area that comprises a few sun beds, where people can sit and relax.

    No worries if you come straight from work…there is no dress code at all!
    No worries if is raining, there is lot of indoor space too.
    Eclectic presentations are programmed before and after the games like typical dances, contests, etc.

    Look out for the Sankeys bus that will be driving around Manchester city centre to take you and your friends to the club*!

    *timetable available at Sankeys website or text 07895833770For more information:
    Contact Ariane Lins at arianelins_br@yahoo.com.br or Michele Paz at m.paz@salford.ac.uk
    By phone at 07738175591/07894301279

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