New blog name wanted!

Help us out and win an Amazon gift certificate.

The Nordic VisitBritain blog gets more and more visitors every day. This is of course great and makes us want to improve it further. We now feel that the next step is to put a proper name on it. So far it has been called “Mind The Gap” in reference to the speaker message in the London underground.

The problem is there are several other blogs called “Mind The Gap”. We want to stand out! But instead of busting our own brains trying to come up with a good name, we thought we would pick yours instead!

So, what would YOU like to name our blog? Something fun, quirky and unique that goes along with the main purpose of VisitBritain: To inspire people to explore Britain. The person who comes up with the best suggestion wins a £100 gift certificate at

This competition is open to everyone! Please write your suggestion and e-mail in the comment field of this blog post. The jury consists of us here at the Nordic VisitBritain office and the competition ends at the 1st of June. We will contact the winner via the e-mail provided  – we will not use it for any other purpose and it won’t show in the commentary field.

Good luck and thanks for your help!




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244 responses to “New blog name wanted!

  1. The British Blitz
    Brit Pop
    The Britain Blog
    British Invasion
    Bloggers and Mash

  2. 1. ibn britannia [reference to the father of modern travel!]
    2. go [like ‘xerox’, no direct meaning but packs a punch and can be infused with a lot of brand imagery]
    3. isle go to britain [pun on “i’ll…”]

  3. Kelvin Chow

    (1) British Pride
    (2) United Britain
    (3) Viva Britannia
    (4) Union Jack
    (5) Fish & Chips ; British & Crisps
    (6) British Eye
    (7) The Cutty Sark

  4. kayo

    my cup of tea.

  5. Kelvin Chow

    (1) British Pride
    (2) Viva Britannia
    (3) Union Jack
    (4) The Cutty Sark
    (5) United Britain
    (6) Fish & Chips, British & Crisps

  6. Fab

    …and then I went to Britain!

  7. jen

    1.Boudicca Beckons!
    2.Welcome Back… We’ve missed you Vikings!
    3.Curry, Chips and Longboats!
    4.Beautiful, Barmey Britain!

  8. Jan

    BrLog, BritLog, B-log…

  9. Hans Hallengren

    Never mind the… here´s Britain!
    There is more than vineger to it!

  10. 1.Tusind Tak,Tusen Takk Britannia says Welcome Back!

  11. Tusen Tak, Tusind Takk, Britannia says Vikings Welcome Back.

  12. Angela Gibson

    The Bubble and Squeak

  13. Bj Sørensen

    Gateway to Scotland

  14. Bj Sørensen

    Bonnie Britain awaits you
    UK Gateway

  15. Anna

    How about BlogEng, BlogEngScan ??

  16. jen

    1.Tusen Takk, Vikings Come Back.
    2.Tusind Tak Vikings Come back.
    3.The Bulldog Barks Britain
    4.Roses, Daffodils, Heather Beckon

  17. Caroline Lowery

    You’ll need to help me on this one but the idea is
    Sun Day, Moon Day, Happy days….
    Relates to the Nordic origins of the English words Sunday and Monday

  18. Emma Wilkinson

    1. It’s not just rape and pillage
    2. King Harold said sorry for Stamford Bridge
    3. Sherlock’s Home
    4. Britain Calling
    5. Brits N Gravy
    6. Jack of all Brits
    7. Brit’s All Gravy
    8. Rush Hour
    9. A Cup of Tea Makes it All Better
    10. Fancy a cuppa?
    11. This is your Britain calling
    12. Britain Rock
    13. Stand clear of the platform… Britain’s arriving
    14. All the trimmings

  19. Bj Sørensen

    Ready Read Go
    Britain at your feet

  20. Jakob

    1. Not my cup of cats and dogs
    2. My cup of cats and dogs
    3. It’s not rain, just a little thick fog

  21. Bj Sørensen

    Britain prewiew

  22. Bj Sørensen

    Britain next!

  23. Anita

    The Fourth Plinth
    Airs and Graces
    Mines a Pint

  24. Here you go…these should help!

    1. Mind the Blog
    2. Joe Blogs [haha, get it? Joe Bloggs!]
    3. Trotters Independent Bloggers [Only Fools n Horses of course 😉 ]
    4. Blogs n Chips
    5. Top of the Blogs

  25. Heeyy…i don’t see my submission!

    one more time then,

    Joe Blogs [haha, get it? Joe Bloggs]
    Trotters Independent Bloggers [For all you Del-boy fans out there 😉 ]
    Blogs n Chips
    Top of the Blogs

  26. 1. Don’t Podge the Que
    2. Podge the Que
    3. Welcome the gate is open
    4. Britain Uncovered
    5. Never mind the Black Pudding
    6. Earl Grey more than a cuppa tea

  27. 1. A Very British Attitude
    2. Red Coats and Rum

    3. Back of Beyond
    4. Middle of Nowhere
    5. Small Island Big Ideas

    6. Midgard to Middle Earth: a Users Guide
    7.Kindred Branches
    8.Once Removed
    9.Red, Write and You
    10. The Vikings are Coming
    11. Danelaw to Double-Decker

    12. Looks Like Rain
    13. Turned Out Nice

  28. All things Brit and Beautiful or Brit and Beautiful

  29. I also like Britannia Rules.

  30. jen

    Britain Swings like a Viking Do!!!

  31. Jette


  32. Peter

    1. My cup of tea
    2. smogblog
    3. Dont forget the umbrella

  33. Julia

    BeComing UK

  34. John & Denise


  35. Jens Ole Klitgaard

    The blog could be called:

    AngloVikings unite

    UK meets Scandinavia

    Vikings invade in Peace

  36. Hans Ahrman

    Nytt namn

    Rule Britainia

  37. Johan Umenius

    Look Right!

  38. John & Denise

    1. be-brit
    2. a-bit-of-Britain

  39. Annika Ekstrand-Tobin

    My suggested name on the blog:


  40. Alf

    Thy Kingdom Come

  41. Telly tales (“telly” is the most British word I know…)

  42. 1. BritBlog
    2. VisiBrit
    3. BriVisit

  43. Adrian

    Digging Britain

  44. Fredrik

    1. UK says
    2. in’it

  45. may I suggest:

    Great Britway


    UK’s greatest

  46. birchlind

    How to invade britain, a foreigners guide

    not exactly harmless
    mind your ques and peas
    The sceptered isle
    britty woman
    A day in the life of a former empire
    imperial musings
    I, Britain
    Vogon Intergalactic Poetry Society, dep. Britain
    A double whammy of disillusionment
    Gruel Brittania [please sir, we want some more]

  47. Yrsa Moegelvang

    Brittain in my Heart

    We will come again and again

    Love Brittain

  48. Kjell Ram

    1. Great, Greater, Great Britain
    2. Britain’s got it

  49. World Britannia

    historic and international appeal!

  50. Helene

    Big Blogg
    UK – OK

  51. Yrsa Moegelvang

    We will meet again

  52. Svein Aag

    New name for the Blog:

    Come on!

  53. Fred Dancer

    Blue Berry Blog

  54. Espen

    World Britannia

  55. Aina

    Port to Britain
    Britain on a plate
    Stuck on Britain
    Best of Britain
    Britains Best

  56. Rachel

    Know your British ABCs: From the Abbey to Austen, Battles to Beer, Churchill to Cheltenham.

  57. Mats

    Cheers luv!

  58. Roy Sørensen

    UK in my heart

  59. Anna Boklund

    A fresh pair of eyes


  61. Anna

    A fresh pair of eyes

    What’s in a name

    Such stuff

  62. John

    New blog name: “Merry around”!

  63. Madeleine Bergström

    Never Mind the Gap!

    (indicating there may be a slight gap behind Britain and the rest of Europe, but we are about to bridge it somehow – in this case, with information – so it can easily be overlooked)

  64. Dag Rehnby

    Yes please, we’re British!

  65. Nils


  66. Robert

    “Britten again”

  67. Dick G

    The Britain again blog
    Britain again

  68. Robert

    “Britten again”.

  69. Sigrid Alvestad

    Britain is of course west of the Nordic countries. And it is great to go there! So I suggest:

  70. Niclas

    1. Hogwash!
    2. Blimey!
    3. Scribble

  71. Sherri Martin

    Harold Herald

    Canute believe it?

  72. Liv Ingrid Stenerud

    Blog Britain
    Britain Blog
    British Blogging
    British Isle Blog
    Write British Blog
    Britain Blog Written in British

  73. Anders Sixtensson

    The Gate to Britain!
    The Nordic Gate to Britain!

  74. Ann-Helene Isherwood

    MI6 – we take intelligence to a new and higher level

  75. Lena

    May I suggest;

    A Brit’s view on things

    View from Britain

    Blogging Britain

  76. Solveig

    1.On top of Britain
    2. Hawk view of Britain
    3. Britain 4 in 1

  77. ulrika

    Bangers’n Mash

  78. Jan Carlsson

    May I suggest;


  79. Anders

    Britain is Great – why wait?

  80. Asbjørn Wille

    Cheers Mate
    From Britain with Love

  81. Rule, Britannia!

    Best of Britain.

    Britains best.

    Great Britain!

    Britannia rules!

    Greatest Britain.

  82. Per Dalbro

    Computer says yes

  83. Adrian

    Mad dogs and Britts

  84. Bjørn

    1. A new view of Britain
    2. My view of Britain
    3. Britain – my way

  85. -ticket to ride
    -brit it
    -go britain

  86. Elisabeth Reich

    Rule Britannia – what else ? Rule Britannia, of course ! ———- Great Britain – Ritz and everything else !———-Rule Britannia,and much more !

  87. Dag Rehnby

    The village green.

  88. Torgil

    Go to Britain Go! (GBG or GtBG)

  89. Elisabeth Reich

    Great Britain – with love !

  90. “Come On Over” or
    “c’mon over”

    – because that’s exactly what it is all about!

  91. Mika

    Visit us UK

  92. Viv

    Besotted with Britain
    Bring on Britain!

  93. Tom

    Britain in syberspace

  94. esk

    fancy a cuppa


    i say

    pound and penny

    from britain with love

    british eyes

    eyes for the british isles

    custard and jelly

    milk and sugar

    …and I thought “never mind the gap” suggested above was a good one:)

  95. Lena C

    My 2 cents..
    Go Britain
    A cup of tea, and more..
    Mushy Peas

  96. Tom

    The last outpost

  97. Staffan J

    Anglo Nordic Outpost

  98. Sylvia Vaccia


  99. lars forsman

    I sudgest you call your blogg for
    Visit our corner

    like hyde park corner where you can speak and listen

  100. Tove

    Keep calm and carry on!


    A cup of tea, a piece of toast

  101. Tove

    From Britain with love

    Ironic. hopefully true, and reminicent of that British hero Mr Bond.

  102. Min Nilsen

    Proudly British

  103. Tove

    A cup of tea, a piece of toast, and you.

  104. Poul Theilgaard

    UK: Right here.

  105. Poul Theilgaard

    UK: Just Here.


    NordBrit Blog

  107. Andreas Le

    Boy it’s tough getting on in the world
    When the sun doesn’t shine and a boy needs a girl
    It’s about getting out of a rut, you need luck
    But you’re stuck and you don’t know how, oh

    (Don’t have to be) A big bucks Hollywood star
    (Don’t have to drive) A super car to get far
    (Don’t have to live) A life of power and wealth
    (Don’t have to be) Beautiful but it helps
    (Don’t have to buy) A house in Beverly Hills
    (Don’t have to have) Your daddy paying the bills
    (Don’t have to live) A life of power and wealth
    (Don’t have to be) Beautiful but it helps

    You need more
    Than a big blank check to be a lover, or
    A Gulfstream jet to fly you door to door
    Somewhere chic on another shore

    You need more You need more You need more
    You need more You need more You need more
    You need love
    You need love
    You need love

    Peope from Britan are moust crime in the EU.

  108. Elisabeth Reich

    God save the queen – and all her UK-visitors !

  109. Kari- Mette Pedersen

    Brithis rose blog

  110. Kari- Mette Pedersen

    This way to brittain
    Lovely brittain
    All og us, UK in one place
    One place Brittains blog

  111. Elisabeth Reich

    Happy british days are here again…

  112. runar lauritzen

    Britains got talent:)

  113. Raimo

    Just go for Tallyho

  114. mikael krarup


    – what else?

  115. Conleth Hanlon

    1. Britsphere
    2. Britmania
    3. Anglophilia
    4. Anglosphere
    5. Brits & Bits
    6. Bits & Brits
    6. Brits & Pieces
    7. UK – OK!


  116. Sari

    “Bobby talks”
    Bobby tells
    Britannia rules!
    Champagne and marshmallow

  117. Sari

    Britain – Your cup of tea

  118. Sara

    Britain: Live, love and laugh

  119. jesper rugård

    Ravishing Britain

  120. Veronika Karlsson

    There is more to Britain than meets the Eye

  121. Mimic

    Find out to share

  122. S.Eriksson

    This is Britain
    Brittish Experience
    Britain Revisited

  123. K

    Sherwood sharing = Sharewood


    Sharewood Forest

    which also has to do with exploring (linked with blog concept).

  124. Hmmm-
    Nordic Express (play on Orient Express)

    My Britain

    Kanoodling in Britain

  125. 5 stars

    if I understood this right then you are talking about UK traveling info to the north, 5 Nordic Countries = 5 stars (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland).

  126. Hi Visit Britain/Mind the Gap!

    Since the site is about Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland I suggest a name connecting these using the initial letters:

    The NIEWS Blog!

    The blog for everything in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland….

  127. Nina


  128. Fredrik Nilsson

    Speakers Corner

  129. Ulla Rüth

    New blog name:

    Rule Britannia

  130. Sonja

    Eye London!

  131. Eva Malin Bäverbäck

    Albion Happenings

  132. John Ortmann

    name: Brivissimo

  133. Dion

    “Go Britannic”

  134. Maths Olsson

    On our way

  135. Thomas

    Have fun in uk

  136. amadusa

    ” Aaargh, Blog Off!! “

  137. Elisabeth Reich

    The dream of Britain

  138. Do It, England!
    Come South – It’s Warmer
    Calling all Vikings
    You Did Rule Us For a Time
    Land of the Midnight Dark
    Southern Cousins

  139. Margareta Seely

    Britain Great

  140. Cathrine Skagstedt

    See you in UK

  141. Olav Bergman

    Blog names
    – Direction Britain
    – Off To Britain
    – Welcome Abroad
    – Cool Britannia

  142. Yrsa Moegelvang

    Britain Highlight

    Around Britain

    The best og Britain

    Britain View

    Britain Get Around

  143. Heidi Engesvik Gjerde

    Hi love!
    Hi luv!
    Can I help you, love?
    (I love it when I go into a shop and a total stranger comes over and says, “Can I help you, luv?” Then I know I´m “at home” in my dear Britain!)

  144. Laila Qvam

    Loost in UK 😉

  145. Anne Kolni

    Passion for Britian

  146. Espen

    Visit Britain

  147. Michael Wilkinson

    My Word!
    Cor Blimey!

  148. Michael Wilkinson

    I like Fredrik Nilsson’s suggestion of “Speakers Corner”, but maybe it should written with an apostrophe – Speakers’ Corner.

  149. Eva Wennerholm

    1. Britains Beauty travel Blog
    2. Travel Beauty Britains Blog
    3. I´d became beaten of Great Britain
    4. England is my choice Blog
    5. Britain lives choose to live it Blog
    6. My life, My life, My Britain
    7. seurrrrdu Breurrrrdu Britain Blog
    8. Thanks to Britain Blog

  150. zeeshaan

    1)British Geographia

    2) UK Geographia

    3) British-love messages

    4) get involved-jo to explore

    5)British Journey

    6)British Journey express

    7) visitor pachific

    8)Uk-your destiny

    9) Just for you!

    10) British entry!

    11) Britain open the door!

    12) welcome traveller!

    13) UK- you care!

    14) you ke for u?

    15) Britian-around the body!

  151. z wolsner

    as in TO BE OR NOT TO BE

  152. Susanne Johansson

    there´s more than London..

  153. Espen

    A) The immortal memory
    B) Britain – the immortal memory
    C) Britain – forever young
    D) Forever Young

  154. Eva Wennerholm

    1. Britain shine through it all Blog
    2. Love, politeness, Beauty and a cultural environment say´s it all
    Britain makes it possible Blog!

  155. Eva Wennerholm

    1. Here we come Britain Blog
    2. Square, happiness and Britains Travel blog

  156. Eva Wennerholm

    1. My life, My life, My Britain Blog
    2. Speaker´s corner everywhere Britain Blog
    3. Surroundings in Britain London Victoria station blog
    4. Travel Britain Victoria station Blog

  157. Gun S Olsson

    My suggest

    Go Green Britain

  158. Eva Wennerholm

    1. Travel Britain Victoria station Blurb Blog
    2. Go Victoria station London Blushing blog
    3. Kings cross London´s Blog

  159. Camilla Bang

    Vikings VisitBritain

  160. Pirjo Kumpula

    1. The View of Full Life
    2. The Adventure of Traveller
    3. Todays´s Life
    4. Funny Click
    5. Smiley Life
    6. Let´s Go!
    7. Homero´s Way

  161. Espen

    1) Magical Britain
    2) Mystery Britain
    3) Magical Mystery Britain
    4) Magical Mystery Tour
    5) Britain takes you away

  162. 1. Significant space

    2. Never mind the gap!

    3. UK@Nordic

    4. Nordic@Britain

    5. Where the clouds are interesting

    6. Never mind the bollocks(copyrighted?)

    7. If loving Britain is wrong, you don’t want to be right

    8. Visit Britain – A cultural blog

  163. Eva Wennerholm

    1) listen&learn&live
    Britain Gift
    2) listen & learn & live
    3) Britain Gift
    4) listen & learn & live
    Britain Gift

  164. Espen


  165. Eva Wennerholm

    This is my land

  166. Jakob

    The land of hope and glory

  167. Espen

    All Inn-nothing out!

  168. Espen

    Cats and dogs

  169. Espen


  170. Espen


  171. Espen


  172. Espen

    We give – you got

  173. Espen


  174. Espen


  175. Espen

    Ignore the trap

  176. Espen


  177. Espen

    1)Angel land
    2) Angel
    3) Angle

  178. Espen

    1). Battle of Britain
    2). Britainmania
    3) Discover the gap
    4) Wellcome
    5) UK-trap
    6) UK-snaps
    7) Union Gap
    8) Mouse trap
    9) Holmes
    10) UK-directions

  179. Sara

    Good old Britain
    Glory, glory Great Brittania

  180. Staffan Ekström

    INsplore Britain

  181. Suhad

    Britain at a glance

  182. annie blomfeld

    1. Keep your pecker up

    2. What the dickens?

    3. Greek to me

    4. Bottoms up!

    5. Domestic Godess

    6. Iron Lady

  183. Seija

    U.K. O.K.

  184. Emma Wilkinson

    Next Stop: Britain
    Get Your Juices Flowing
    I LOVE Bloggers n Mash (suggested near the top)

  185. Mike Toepfer

    Bend it like Britain!

  186. Norman Bowden

    My suggestion: ANGLOPHILE

  187. jen

    Love entering this competition ,coz as an Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavia is a favourite summer holiday for our family. We have a great viking family over there too. Best of both worlds eh??

  188. annie blomfeld

    6. TOP GEAR

  189. Norman Bowden

    New suggestion: Let´s talk

  190. gerd berg

    Suggestion for a new blog-name:

    Another pint? – yes please!

  191. gerd berg

    Another pint? -yes please!

  192. Lars Berglund

    Blog name: Scandic Britain Lovers/Fans Blog!

    Lars Berglund
    Frodingsgatan 7 F
    S-41672 Goteborg

    Mobile: +46730358266

  193. annie blomfeld






  194. Per Ingvarsson

    My suggestion:

    Go for it !

  195. Matte


  196. Pia och Olle

    London calling

    Big Ben Blog


  197. Cat

    My best shots:

    All Inn

    Blogging For Britain
    Best Of British

    More Cakes And Ale
    Cakes & Ale

    …but here’s a few more – some of them probably more suited as blog post titles, I admit:)

    We Shall Say This Only Once
    We’ll Put The Kettle On
    We’ve Put The Kettle On
    Putting The Kettle On
    Kettle’s On!
    More Tea, Vikings?
    Ah Go On!
    Flying The Blog
    ‘Ello ‘Ello
    Know What I Mean?
    We’ll Meet Again
    A Nation Of Shopkeepers – And Shops!

    I have to say I always liked your present name…

  198. Yrsa Moegelvang

    Explore Britain

    Around Britain

    All About Britain

    The “Doorway” to Britain

  199. Elisabeth Reich

    Britain – past and future

  200. Bj Sørensen

    Explore Britain!

    Your British dream is waiting

  201. Elisabeth Reich

    Britain: yesterday – today – tomorrow

  202. Mats

    An eye on UK.

  203. jen

    1.”THOR BLIMEY” (based on cor blimey)

    2.”UNION TACK”

  204. Beate M B

    -First stop UK
    (As in this is where you stop off to find all the good tips and cool facts before visiting Britain!)

  205. jen

    1. Clans, Tribes, Kinsfolk Unite!

    2.Go John o’ Groats to Lands End!

    3.Sterling Rules!!!

    4.Red Roses, Golden Daffodils Purple Heather.GB

  206. jen

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    (UK and GB not the same thing as GB does not include Northern Ireland). Just looking @ some of the great comments.

  207. jen

    UNITED KINGDOM (INC. Britain and Great Britain)- see all

  208. annie blomfeld






  209. Cat

    Let Yourselves Inn

  210. jen

    .S terling

    And Anglo


  211. jen

    1. Know your Map UK and GB

    2. “A Sterling Salute” ( play on word sterling).

    3.UK and GB.

    4.”Look after your “Crowns” in a Sceptre Isle”!

    5.A Thousand Thanks

  212. Elisabeth Reich

    once Britain – always Britain !

  213. Elisabeth Reich

    Britain – lifetime memories

  214. Elisabeth Reich

    meet your vision – in Britain

  215. Elisabeth Reich

    Surprising Britain

  216. Elisabeth Reich

    Britain – what else ?

  217. Anne Uhlán

    Find the map (in Britain)

  218. “Return of the Vikings”

  219. Steinar Schau

    1. Great Britpectations
    2. From Britain With Love
    3. Licenced To Blog
    4. Hit The Blog, Jack

  220. Bj Sørensen

    Ready, Go, BRITAIN

  221. pia m

    1. Big Ben
    2. Apples and Pears
    3. Rosie Lee

  222. New Blogname suggestion:

    and shorted BB

    Thanks from Lars i Sweden

    Going to London in October, first time for family visit and it was 30 years ago for me… !

  223. Ove Strand

    Bigger than Ben

    Furthermore “Bigger than Ben” is a statement: In spite of nowadays “tribalism”: “We are all one!”
    It can also be seen as Visitbritains reply to the “Anyone but England”- campaign in Scotland, Wales and North Ireland in these days of footballfever.

  224. Elisabeth Reich

    Britain – that´s it !

  225. Carl

    Dear competitiors

    So far we have received hundreds of name suggestions. Thank you all ever so much for your creative thinking and hard work – we love the enthusiasm! We would like to have a list of ten alternatives to let the jury choose from and so far we have six alternatives we really like:

    1. Albion Happenings
    2. Brit-Bits
    3. Look Right
    4. Looks Like Rain
    5. Tea Time
    6. Ticket to Ride
    8. –
    9. –
    10. –

    Do you think you have a better name for our blog than any of these six? Please write your suggestion and e-mail in the comment field of this blog post. The competition is open until Sunday the 20:th of June 2010.

    Thanks for your help!

  226. Dag Rehnby

    I think that my suggestion – The Village Green – should be among the “finalists”.

    The Village Green is typically British. This common open area is often used for community events. The green is at a central location and provides an open-air meeting place for the people.

    Isn’t this a perfect description “Mind the Gap” of today?

  227. annie blomfeld








  228. Elisabeth Reich

    a trip of joy

  229. Elisabeth Reich

    pomp and circumstance

  230. Ove Strand




    Shakespeares “Som ni behagar”

  231. siskasol

    We proudly present our new blog name.

    We hope you like it as much as we do.


  232. Siska

    Thank you! We’ve already picked a blog name, you can read more about it here:

  233. Siska

    Remember when we asked you to help us come up with a new name? Well, we’re starting off 2011 with a new blog and name. From now on our name is Britain by Heart and you can find us on

    Hope you like our new blog!

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