Borough Market, a food lovers heaven!

Cheese stall at Borough market

Cheese stall at Borough market

Borough Market is London’s oldest food market dating back 250 years. Situated under the London Bridge on the South Bank of London, this is a feast for both eyes and tummy! The market is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and is probably the areas most popular place for a lunch out.

Shoppers at Borough market

Shoppers at Borough market

Oyster chef in action!Workers from offices and stores in the neighbourhood enjoys a standing lunch of delicious soups and pies, fabulous sandwiches and toasts. The Roast to Go seems like it’s worth standing in line for and even on a cold, rainy day the oyster chef was busy.

If you pass over to the Green Market opposite the meat and fish hall you will find not only fruit and veggies but delicious cakes and pastries and mountains of handmade chocolate.

Don’t miss the hot freshly pressed juices or the pancakes,- delicious!



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  1. I know it sounds cheap…but we often go and just try the freebies on each stall. Most have cheese, sausages, snacks and even curry for you to taste for free. You’d be surprised how full you can be after eating so much from different stalls! My wife and I have written a free city guide to London and we recommend that tourists visit Borough Market…

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