One month to World Cup 2010 South Africa

Nordic football fans, it’s only one month left before the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa kicks off. From the Nordics, Denmark was the only one to qualify which gives us at the office a perfect reason to support them and of course England. Whether you’re going to watch the World Cup from your living room or from the stadiums – get ready to see some of the best football teams battle for honor and glory to the sound of South Africa’s drums, dancing and the sheer volume of vuvuzelas.

Below you can see England’s match dates, times and venues.

Date        Time (GMT+1)   Venue
12/06           20:30               Rustenburg              England – USA
18/06           20:30               Cape Town                England – Algeria
23/06          16:00                Nelson Mandela      Solvenia – England

View the complete list over all the World Cup matches here.

A dream scenario would definitely be to see England and Denmark in the final the 11th of July!


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  1. Find it very hard to support Denmark, even though I like the side. They’re the reason why we’re not in the World Cup this time around.

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