Congratulations to Chelsea… and Tottenham!

Drogba and Cole celebrating

Drogba and Cole celebrating

So it is all over and the three month Summer boredom starts. Yesterday was the last match day of Premier League 09/10 and Chelsea came out winners after thrashing Wigan 8-0. That stunning display also ended Manchester United’s hope of a fourth consecutive league win. Far from a Chelsea fan myself I am not too excited about it, but to is hard to argue that they weren’t worthy winners. So, from all my heart (well, at least a corner of it), congratulations to Chelsea FC, their fans and all of South West London!

Frank Lampard, player of the season in my opinion

Frank Lampard, player of the season in my opinion

Irony aside, Chelsea truly did have an amazing season. They won all six games against their three top rivals (Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool). They scored 103 coals, the first team to acieve the century since my beloved Tottenham in 1963. They won 17 of their 19 home games. They also scored seven goals or more in four games this season, which is also a record. Didier Drogba scored three goals on the last day to become the top scorer in the Premier League 09/10.

These facts also signal that Chelsea are not just the defensively strong machine they have had a reputation for being for years. With the new manager Carlo Ancelotti the club has also proven to be an attacking force and, even though it hurts me to write,  a somewhat attractive side to watch.

Little and large, the Tottenham striker partners Crouch and Defoe

Little and large, the Tottenham striker partners Crouch and Defoe

OK, I think that is as much positive I could ever write about Tottenham’s London rivals so I will end the post on a personal high note: Tottenham Hotspurs finished fourth! For long it looked like they were going to take advantage of Liverpool’s disastrous season of slip ups. But as it lies in the nature of being a Tottenham supporter to end up very disappointed and severely confused, I was sure Manchester City would nick that last attractive Champions League qualifying place in the end. But after beating City away last Wednesday, history proved to have no guide and Tottenham could celebrate as if they had won more than just a shot at getting beaten in the qualifying rounds by the likes of Ajax, Porto and Lyon.

But still, I for one can’t wait until the new season starts in August. We just have to survive until then. Oh, is there a World Cup this Summer?



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2 responses to “Congratulations to Chelsea… and Tottenham!

  1. What a great article, I too am a fellow football fan of a somewhat disappointing team who shall remain nameless. The highs and lows of a football fan cannot really be adequately expressed in words and yet you have managed in subtly and eloquence to describe those feelings. Well done to both Chelsea and Tottenham for putting on another great season in the Premiership.

  2. Carl

    Thanks for your comment Ewan, much appreciated! Dare I guess you are a Pool fan? I suppose you will be back up there again next year. You just need to convince Gerrard and Torres to stay and Xabi Alonso to come back :).

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