Win tickets to Robin Hood – The movie

The new Robin Hood movie will be in theaters May 12th (Sweden and Finland), May 13th (Denmark) and May 14th (Norway).

This is the story of how a simple outlaw became a legend that has been around for hundreds of years. In the 13th century England, Robin Hood (played by Russell Crowe) takes up the fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham and the greedy King John. With Sherwood Forest as his hideout and together with his Merry Men and the beautiful Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), Robin start a thrilling adventure by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor whilst they fight to protect and restore England’s former glory.

In collaboration with Universal Studios we’ll give 10 people, from each Nordic country, the opportunity to win tickets for two and to be one of the first to see the exciting new Robin Hood movie. To enter the competition, please click on your country link below and answer a few questions:

Sweden >
Finland >
Demark >
Norway >

Good luck!

– Siska



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2 responses to “Win tickets to Robin Hood – The movie

  1. Greate. This is awesome. I like it.

  2. Susan Hisey

    Union Jack Facts would be a good blog name!

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