King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Mid Wales

Almost every part of Great Britain will claim the right to the famous King Arthur and his knights. And no wonder, it is a fantastic story and a great piece of British history.

In Corris near Machynlleth and Dolgellav in Mid Wales, you will find King Arthur’s Labyrinth. I must admit that I do not really believe the King himself entered these dark caves, they’re a vast quarry, but it’s rather spectacular! The underground labyrinth is  reached from Corris Craft Centre in Corris. You can go by train to Machynlleth and then by local bus to Corris.

You enter the caves  by boat through a great waterfall. Well inside the caverns of the labyrinth you will hear stories about King Arthur and his men and other ancient Welsh legends. There are dragons and giants, battles and adventures. The hooded guide will lead you through the labyrinth and – hopefully – back out to daylight!

A great day out for the whole family that I highly recommend!



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