TUR 2010

It’s time. The leading tourism exhibition in the Nordics, TUR, takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, this week. VisitBritain will as usual take part and blog from the event from Thursday to Sunday. Last year we won “stand of the year” and we aim to follow that success this year with another win. See more about the exhibition here and our partners who will join us here.

The exhibition is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, welcome you to our stand at B06:02! Here you can meet us, ask questions about your trip, take part in competitions for trips and Paul McCartney concert tickets and win the chance to become our Whisky guide in Scotland! Don’t miss our book signing with famous anglophiles Johan Hakelius and Bosse “Bildoktorn” Andersson.

Johan is mostly known as a journalist and columnist but recently released the critically acclaimed novel “Dead White Men” in which he portrays 14 historical eccentric and controversial Brits, including Evelyn Waugh and George Orwell. Meet Hakelius and get your book signed on Saturday March 27:th at 11am and at 2pm.

On Sunday, Bosse Andersson, perhaps better known as Bosse Bildoktorn (Bosse the car doctor) will talk about his book “Whiskyresan” (The Whisky Journey), a book about his trip in Scotland, his passion for Scotch Whisky and the country itself. A perfect guide for anyone interested in travelling in Scotland. Buy a signed copy at our stand on Sunday March 27:th at 11am and at 2pm.Welcome to us at stand B06:02 this weekend!



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5 responses to “TUR 2010

  1. le grande fromage

    Just seen the stand, nice Job! (if I may say that)

  2. Can you get me the number of Johan’s tailor? He’s got some kick arse threads…

  3. Carl

    @IGMorrison – we asked him: The suit is from Hackett at Jermyn Street. The rest of the clothes were also bought on Jermyn Street or Savile Row.

  4. @Carl cheers, I’ll get myself down that way and ask them to make me dandy…

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