Quirky Event of the Week: World Pooh Sticks Championship

When A.A. Milne wrote the famous book The House at Pooh Corner , I don’t think he foresaw the impact it would have on the small town of Little Wittenham in Oxfordshire. In the book, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin drops a handful of sticks from a bridge into the stream beneath and rushes to the other side to see which stick comes out first.

In reality, this game has been a tradition in Little Wittenham since 1983, when the first World Pooh Sticks Championship was arranged by the Lock Keeper at Day’s Lock as a way to raise money to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Today, the event is held by the Rotary Club of Oxford Spires and attracts people of all ages every year.

If you want to compete in the championship, please enter the race here. If you just want to see this quirky event, go to Day’s Lock just outside Little Wittenham on 28th of March. The team races start at 11.00am and the individual/family races at 11.30am. For further information, please visit the website of the event.

– Towe –


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