Cool vintage store in Brick Lane, London

Brick Lane is famously known for its cool markets and vintage stores. My colleague and I fell upon this great store when walking to Brick Lane from Bethnal Green tube station on the east side of London. A nice 15 min. walk through this Pakistan-Indian part of London, though a closer station should be Liverpool Street Station or Shoreditch (over-ground trains). Just down the road from the Swedish cafe Fika and the famously know Bagel shop, you’ll find this fabulous vintage store, Rokit -cramped with clothes and accessories.

Lovely dresses, quirky hats and accessories to die for! Real furs also seems to be a big hit, so if that’s your choice for a still cold winter you’ll have several to choose from. The store has both a ladies’ store and a separate men’s store next door.

Rokit is a probably Britain’s largest and best vintage store and they are located not only on Brick Lane but also in Camden and Covent Garden. The stores are open every day. If you can’t go to London, have a look at their website where you’ll find their online shop!


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