Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms

Recently, on Swedish television, the gripping and gruesome french documentary from the 2nd World War has been shown.  Lately, when visiting London, I felt it was time to visit the “place of action”,- the underground offices used by Sir Winston Churchill and his staff during the 2nd World War.

Finding the entrance is still not easy even if it’s signposted. You have to go to the back of the Horse Guards building and just opposite St James Park at the Horse Guards Road the doors down to these rooms are found.Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms

The Cabinet War Rooms are almost exactly the same as they were left in 1945 and shows the narrow rooms, low ceilings and cramped spaces were British soldiers, politicians and workers spent hours, days and months underground with no fresh air, no daylight and actually no knowledge about what was going on in the streets of London. Though not built as a proper shelter no sound entered. You will see the room were the cabinet were held, with ashtrays for Churchill’s famous cigars everywhere. No time for arguing passive smoking there! You will also see Churchill’s private courter, the office space for morse-coding, map-rooms, kitchen, diningroom and so on.

The Churchill Museum, also underground, shows the life of Sir Winston Churchill through film clips, radio speeches, clothing, newspapers, gadgets and more.

An entrance fee apply. See website for opening times.



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